Luke Cage Season 2 Teaser Trailer

Marvel just dropped a Luke Cage Season 2 Teaser Trailer. The teaser features Mike Colter as Luke Cage delivering a monologue on how invincible he is. “You cant burn me, you cant blast me, and you definitely cant break me.”

There’s a guy yelling “Get Paid” just before the end of the teaser. This hugely implies the Superhero team up of Luke Cage and Iron Fist as the Heros for Hire.

Luke Cage Season 2 Teaser Trailer

Luke Cage Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on June 22 this year. Iron fist will be in Luke Cage season 2 and will probably team up as heroes for hire. But the season and show still belong to the Luke Cage character. So Danny Rand‘s involvement might be minimal.

Apart from Season 2 of Luke Cage, we can also expect 2 more seasons of Marvel Netflix shows. Jessica Jones season 2 (which premieres today) and Daredevil season 3 continues later this year. Netflix usually airs their Marvel shows around August, but they have chosen to move the date up to June.

The teaser has some decent action sequences that flash by quickly on the screen. It isn’t much you can get from them. But one thing is for sure, Luke Cage is on a rampage to kick ass all over the streets of Harlem. It doesn’t seem like he is holding back now.

Most of the cast from the first season should return for this season. Except for the villain Cottonmouth who was killed in the first season. There is no news yet on the second villain of the first season, Diamondback. He was in really bad shape at the end of the first season. But he did survive his beating from Luke Cage. It was also implied that they may do similar experiments on him, seeing that he shares a similar DNA to Luke Cage.

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