The Magnificent 18 Core iMac Pro

The latest 18 Core iMac Pro is finally being shipped by Apple. It initially seemed like a strange device to manufacture for their customers because Apple already has a 5K iMac on sale. Also, Apple is planning on releasing a new Mac Pro later this year which could possibly have some modular capabilities.

So why did Apple come up with a darker, more powerful iMac? Well, with the great reviews out there on this device, I dont see why they they shouldnt have.

The Magnificent 18 Core iMac Pro

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  • 18 core CPU
  • 128GB RAM
  • 16Gig Vega 64 Bit Graphics
  • 4TB SSD Hard Drive

Starting price on the iMac Pro range is $4999 for a 10 core version. The 18 Core iMac Pro with addition extras comes in at $13000. This is an absolute insane price for such a PC. But if you are big into Video editing like Marques in the video above and you have the cash, then the 18 Core iMac Pro is for you.

The speed at which this PC renders High Definetion video is absolutely fast. This speed can greatly assist you in the video editing process. Many video editors actually pick up on mistakes after they have already rendered thier videos, which have taken for ever to do. So these fast render speeds can definately be a game changer indeed.

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