Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard Review

I have tried out the iPad and Universal Keyboard combo on a few occasions. It may not be the best setup to use, but I certainly do love the insane battery life of the iPad. Being able to type on a physical keyboard while using my iPad gives me an insane amount of mobile typing hours which is unheard of on my laptop. In my search for a decent physical keyboard, I came across this brilliant Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard.

Let’s take a good look at this keyboard and see what makes it such a pleasure to use.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard Review

Over the past few years, Microsoft has spent a lot of time developing hardware peripherals for all kinds of computing. They have come up with some great and weird devices. Both with a surprising amount of functionality. Microsoft is also known for manufacturing great PC keyboards. But I haven’t come across a mobile keyboard. Especially one for iOS.

The Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard is a compact Bluetooth wireless keyboard that is designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Its slim portable design makes it a great travel companion to use with your iPad or even iPhone. There is this handy switch which lets you switch between operating system profiles. So you can seamlessly switch between an iPad, Android smartphone, and Windows PC.

Hardware and Design

The Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard is built like a tank in comparison to other keyboards in this segment. It is rigid and strong with zero flex. The included rubber cover is a welcome addition and it serves many purposes. One of which is to add to the overall strength of the keyboard when closed. It also protects the keys and buttons when the cover is closed. It is also connected magnetically, so there is no issue if you need to detach the cover. This makes the keyboard a pleasure to take with you on your travels.

When you open the cover, the keyboard automatically wakes up. Pairing to an iPad is the usual business and once done, it is super fast to start up and get going. You just need to ensure Bluetooth is on and then open up the keyboard and you are good to go. The cover also acts as a stand for your tablet or smartphone. I use the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard with my iPad Mini 2 and it is a perfect writing companion. I love the size of the 2 devices which is ultra portable.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard
iPad not included, Keyboard below

Although a small keyboard, the keys still remain very ergonomic and will be fine for people with large fingers. The more good news is that the keyboard has its own internal battery that can be charged via a micro USB cable. A single charge can last months. The Keyboard also has dedicated media buttons to control your music and videos. If you are listening to music on an iPad, then you can skip tracks, as well as play/pause and adjust volume and mute the sound completely.

Should You Get This Keyboard?

The Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard is a lovely keyboard. A perfect device. I honestly cannot find any faults with this device. It serves its simple purpose perfectly as well as adding more value in terms of its cover, charging, and media buttons. The keys are satisfyingly clicky and feel better than my current laptop.

Microsoft has paid a lot of attention to detail when designing this device. It is my favourite and perfect iPad companion and I have already done so much writing with this keyboard. My only real gripe with this keyboard is the price. It has the features and quality and the price to go with that. It would have been ideal if it was priced similarly to Logitec’s offerings.

I did pick up my keyboard on Black Friday for a great price. If you need a keyboard for your tablet and you can pick up this one for a reasonable price, then go for it!

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  • Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard


A great, durable, rugged, and smart keyboard that will have you delightfully typing away on your iPad. This feature-rich keyboard is the perfect travel companion as well. But the high price doesn’t fully feel justified.


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