Mix of the Week – Yoshitoshi Radio 013

I came across a “strange” mix this week from veteran all-star DJ Sharam. It is a Halloween mix which is also conveniently episode 13 of his latest series of mixes. This series is called Yoshitoshi Radio and features music from Sharam’s very successful Yoshitoshi Record Label. Yoshitoshi Radio 013 is a “Stranger Beats” episode. More on this below.

Yoshitoshi Radio 013 – Stranger Beats Halloween Edition

Coincidentally, episode 13 of Sharam’s latest Yoshitoshi Radio podcast is a Halloween themed, scary mix. It is also a Stranger Beats edition, which is a mix that features some of Sharams more eclectic and weird sounding music. The Stranger Beats episode usually runs once a month and is a bit of a shout out to an awesome TV show that Sharam (and myself) enjoys. But instead of going weird for this one, Sharam has chosen to go scary, in keeping with his Halloween theme.

So enjoy some great, spooky, scary, and weird tunes in this weeks Mix of The Week. Yoshitoshi Radio 013 – Stranger Beats Halloween Edition.

More On Sharam

Sharam is an Iranian born American DJ who made a name for himself way back in the 90s underground house scene in Washington DC. He teamed up with another Iranian-American dude known as Dubfire (Ali Shirazinia) to form a major electronic dance duo named Deep Dish.

Deep Dish is synonymous with making groundbreaking DJ mix albums for retail commercial sale back in the day. They initially started off with the album, Deep Dish Penetrate Deeper in 1995. Personally, I got introduced to them in the early 2000s when I came across their Global Underground Compilations.

Just when I started to get into their productions (Say Hello and Flashdance among my favorites) they split up and went on their own career paths. Ever since Sharam has been able to make a successful career for himself and has come a long way in terms of developing his sound and DJ presence.

Sharam has done some great work and mixes since that time. Some of his highlights are:-

  • Global Underground Dubai
  • 2009 Essential Mix of the Year
  • 2012 Sharam Night and Day compilation

Collecti is Sharam’s latest album and is turning out to be another industry changer. More info here – http://www.sharam.com/

There’s also this great interview with Sharam as he speaks about his past and present DJ and music production experiences. Check it out here at DJ Techtools

If you are looking for Deep House Music, take a look at last weeks Mix of the Week here.


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