MKBHD’s Top 5 Android P Features

The developer preview version of Android P is out right now. If you are an app developer who needs to focus on the next Android update, then you should check it out. You can also mess with this preview on a spare Android smartphone if you want. MKBHD recently released a simple video on some of his favourite Android P features. Let’s check out the video below.

MKBHD’s Top 5 Android P Features

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What is Android P?

Android Peppermint? This is what Marques figures might be the name for the next version of Android. Or can it be Popsicle? Whatever the name may be, it is an incremental update to the popular mobile operating system. There are some visual updates as well as well needed software changes.

Visually, the clock moves over to the top left of the screen. The app dock also has a slightly different animation as opposed to previous versions of Android. The notification dock looks different with its rounded of corners and edges. A big bummer is that a long press on an icon won’t send you to its settings. Like a long press on Bluetooth won’t send you to your list of Bluetooth devices. This is a huge feature that I use all the time and taking it away sucks!

The volume bar no longer takes up the top space of your phone’s display. It is a sweet little upright vertical display with a small box to toggle ring and vibrate mode. There’s even a display mode that will simulate a notch at the top of the smartphone. This is for developers who want to customise their apps for new Android smartphones that have a notch at the top. The battery saver range has also been extended to around 70%.

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