Monster Trucks Movie Review – Your Kids Will Love It!

My son loved it inGot to see that new Monster Trucks movie with my 5-year-old son. I did like it even with all its drawbacks. 3D and he has glued attentively to the big screen as he waited for images to pop out the screen. The same cant be said for most people who have watched the movie. Unfortunately, there have been plenty of criticism towards this movie so far and it seems to be struggling at the box office too. If you look past that, you might find it enjoyable. That is if you are watching it with a kid.

4 Year Old Concept

Monster Trucks Movie

The idea behind the Monster Trucks movie isn’t 4 years old, it came from a 4-year-old!  This 4-year-old is the son of former Paramount president Adam Goodman. The kid came up with an idea to have monsters released from deep inside the earth so that they can take control of trucks which then leads to a demolition derby. Hence the Monster Trucks movie is born.

The Monster Trucks movie was announced back in 2013 already. Production took place in 2014 with a 2015 release in mind. After numerous delay’s the movie was finally released in January 2017. With poor box office sales and mixed reviews, the movie so far seems somewhat of a disappointment. A big one too seeing that it cost Paramount $125 million to make this movie. They have predicted that this movie might suffer major losses and might be the biggest bomb of 2017 so far.

Is It Any Good? – Spoilers –

My son loves everything about this movie. He was hooked since the first time he saw the trailer. His favorite moment if the movie is also in the trailer. It’s the part when one of the wheels of the truck comes loose and the monster uses its tentacle to grab that wheel and place it back into place. Another scene that he did like was when the Monster Truck climbs over buildings in town. I must admit I did like that too.

Did I Like It?

My 5-year-old son really had a great time at the movies watching it in 3D. His face was filled with joy for the entire movie. It wasn’t like when we went to watch Finding Dory. He got a bit restless towards the end of that movie. Personally, I did like it, but I had to force myself to like it. Just like how I had to force myself to like those DC movies from last year. And when I do have to force myself to like a film, it usually isn’t a good movie.

The Concept is great, The production is ok (not good if you take the budget into consideration), and the story is just not right. The main stars of the movie (Lucas Till and Jane Levy) are not believable as high school students. They have played other significant young adult roles in the past which makes them an odd fit for this movie.

I can see my son watching this movie over and over again when it gets released on DVD!


Monster Trucks Movie

The movie isn’t as polished as other Paramount movies such as Transformers or Fast and Furious. The scenes at night were just too dark and I really struggled to see with my 3D glasses on. And there are plenty of scenes that take place at night. The CGI and other effects are on par with most big budget blockbusters. The sound of this movie was good and wasn’t overly noisy. I liked that.


The movie is as predictable as can be. You know exactly how this one is going to pan out after the first 10 mins! The story centers mainly around Tripp (Lucas Till) and his monster buddy Creech. Till’s performance is very standard for a movie like this. He basically stuck to the lead acting template for this type of movie and never really brought anything else to the role. Creech was just his laughing sidekick who wanted to go home with his parents.

This Monster Trucks movie could have been saved by the great performances from its supporting actors. But there really wasn’t much written for Amy Ryan, Danny Glover, and Rob Lowe. Jane Levy, however, was very cool in this and I liked what she brought to this movie as well as Barry Pepper who played Tripp’s stepdad. Thomas Lennon did make me laugh a few times but was also gave a very one-dimensional performance.


The Movie has the makings and potential to be something really great. The people behind this movie have worked on very successful projects before. Its Directed by the guy behind Ice Age and Robots. The Screenplay is done by the dude who worked on Jurassic World. But still, this movie does fall short in so many ways.

That being said it does also have some great moments. Moments that will keep your kid well entertained. I can see my son watching this movie over and over again when it gets released on DVD!  I will probably be forced to watch this Monster Trucks movie with him whether I like it or not!

Monster Trucks Movie

Monster Trucks
  • 6.5/10
    Monster Trucks - 6.5/10


Monster Trucks is not perfect in any way, but it is perfect for kids. They will love the Action and the Characters and the story too. You will probably end up watching the movie more than once with your kid and will most likely become a fan of its easy going and playful story.

CGI and Effects
Brilliant Action Sequences

Not as good as other blockbusters
Very Predictable

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