Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century

Out of a dozen Nikola Tesla Autobiographies out there, I chose this one because it comes as a free Amazon E-Book which can be read on a Kindle device or on the Amazon Kindle App which is available on multiple Operating systems. It is written by Sean Patrick who has only a few other books on Amazon. Awakening your inner genius is on of those books. It seems to have a similar theme to this book, except this book isn’t free. In fact, it seems that this Nikola Tesla Autobiography is written just to hand out for free in order to generate sales on his other book.

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That being said, this is not a bad thing. It is a standard marketing strategy. Musicians give away a lot of free music to fans in order to give them a ‘taste’ of what they have to offer. The quality is usually of the same standard as their paid stuff. But is this Nikola Tesla book really a valid Autobiography of one of the greatest inventors that ever existed?

It took me just around 2 hours to read this book (while I stood in line at Home Affairs). And I am a slow reader. About 20% to 30% of this book is about other great Achievers like Einstein, Ted Williams and Michael Jordan. There is a lot of talk about intelligence and IQ levels. The author really takes his time to get to Tesla. And once you arrive at Tesla, you realise that everything you have read thus far is of no major significant relevance to Tesla’s biography. Yes, he does fit the profile of intelligent with a high IQ and as an outstanding figure in his field like Michael Jordan. But the author does not re-visit those themes that much once he is into telling Tesla’s story.

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The Man that Invented the 20th Century

OK I am done complaining, now was the book at least good? YES. Relevant or not, the first part of the book as still engaging and seems very factual and well researched. It also has Amazons ‘X-Ray‘ feature which highlights notable clips, people and terms within the book. It might be an excerpt from his ‘Awakening your inner genius‘ book. I still nonetheless enjoyed it. The Tesla story of this book is also good and very entertaining. But the story feels very rushed. There are so many interesting stories and experiences in the man’s 86-year life. But the author seems to just touch the surface on as many stories of Tesla’s life as he can. A book can be written for every decade of Tesla’s life, maybe every year!

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OK, now I’m really done complaining. I still enjoyed this ‘short’ Tesla story and I remember feeling very inspired and excited after reading this book. I also called a friend to discuss the book. The book does seem to be written in an inspired ‘self-help’ style. But is it a Valid Autobiography of a Great man named Tesla? It is to the extent of introducing you to the man and his work and his life. But it isn’t a definitive Nikola Tesla Autobiography.

The reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are very harsh. Most of the readers feel ripped off by this book and its author. You will feel misled too if you expect this free E-Book to be an intuitive masterpiece of a story of the life of Nikola Tesla. It is, however, a simple, inspirational, short story on the Life of Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century
  • Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century


I liked that the book was:-
A very Inspirational and Quick read. Not a waste of time Free e-book. A decent introduction into the life of Nikola Tesla. Very relevant in our current tech-savvy society.

I didn’t like:-
Very short and rushed story. No real Focus on a Specific period or theme in Tesla’s life. The book deviates and focuses on other great minds from other fields, some with no relevancy.

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