Nintendo Switch! A Few Things You Should Know

The highly anticipated Nintendo Switch is set to be released in March this year. The buzz currently generated for this console is insane. Internet searches for Nintendo for 2016 are actually more than PS4 and XBOX One combined. A huge part of those searches may have been Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run. Needless to say, the timing of the Nintendo Switch Console is perfect seeing that the company is on a fantastic high at the moment after having a wonderful 2016. Many gamers, including myself, have been extremely excited about the switch after that cool first look video posted by Nintendo in October 2016. But as time went on, some good and bad news have surfaced. Heres some of the news that i have come across so far.

Sweet ‘First Look’ Video posted by Nintendo

Nintendo posted an awesome video on youtube which demonstrates the ergonomic features of the console. The video starts off with a guy playing Zelda on his TV. He then needs to leave his lounge and move over to another location (has to walk the dog out of all things!). He detaches 2 parts off his controller and attaches those parts to a table device that withing the Switch console. This converts the home console into a portable gaming console. He then continues his game while sitting on top of a park bench!

This is not the first time we have seen this. Remote play is possible on the PS4 and XBox One in many different ways. But it is the first time we see an actual console with the ability to do this. When in Portable mode you can still remove the side controllers and play your game without the controllers being attached to the iPad looking device. There is also an option to use the single device in 2 player mode allowing you and your friend to have gaming fun while away from your TV.

Nintendo Switch on Jimmy Fallon

In December we got to see the Switch in live action on The Tonight Show. Nintendo Representatives Reggie Fils-Amie and Shigeru Miyamoto brought Jimmy a console, loaded with the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild game, to try out. The game looked amazing on the TV and on the handheld device. And it seemed to seamlessly switch from console mode to portable mode. Its seems like its a pretty decent size and the tablet part of the console looks very thin.

Nintendo Switch Price

There has been no official price that has been released to the press as yet. But, according to rumors, the Nintendo Switch will be under $300. Anything lower than that will prob be an introductory version with fewer features and memory. It’s still a good price given the nature of the hardware and features available. This device is set to work as a tablet with multi-touch capabilities (not yet confirmed). Some Tablets alone these days cost more than consoles, so to be getting both for around the price of an XBox seems like a good deal.

Nintendo Switch

How Powerfull is the Nintendo Switch?

The Switch won’t be as powerful as the PS4 or XBox, but it will have its own strengths. Nintendo always stuck to simple graphics with their consoles and concentrated more on the gaming titles and the actual gameplay instead of graphics. They always take this route in order to create a unique gaming experience for its customers. This is ok if your company produces brilliant games similar to those being released weekly on XBox and PS4. But its highly doubtful Nintendo will have an answer for games like the Modern Warfare and Fifa franchises. Or will they?

The games that are going to be featured on the Nintendo Switch will still probably look good, even on the tablet portion. Running beautiful games like that Zelda game we saw in the first look video will drain the battery really quick. So Nintendo has to compensate for this and probably will take away some performance factors. The battery on the handle part of the console is said to last about 3 hours. Also with reduced power available on this console, third party developers are going to have a hard time porting over existing titles to the Switch. It will be a very costly and time-consuming affair to ‘downgrade’ a game to the Switch platform. It will be nice to see how Nintendo plans to deal with this situation.

I will be updating this post periodically, so stay tuned for more news on the Nintendo Switch.

Some of the Games Confirmed

I came across a nice article that lists the games that are confirmed so far in more detail. So far the only game that I find intruging is the New Legend of Zelda Game. The games that we did see featured in the announcement trailer dont seem to be on the list of confirmed titles. However there is a list of those games in the article too. They look like titles that were ported from other consoles or previous Nintendo consoles. There is also a New Super Mario Game on the list too! Checkout that article here –



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