Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller

We got a good look at the Nintendo Switch This past Friday. Nintendo made a lot of things clear, like price, games, availability, and its controllers. The Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller is what you use to control this console. And controlling this console is not a straight forward affair. There are multiple configurations designed to make different gaming modes possible, yet ergonomic. Let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary piece of gaming tech.

Some Info on the Console

The console won’t be as strong as the PS4 and Xbox one but will have sufficient power in the form of Nvidia’s Tegra X1 technology. However, the chip won’t run at its potential when docked. It will also run at half its docked capabilities in order to conserve battery. This hampers performance during portable play, but the games are designed to take this into consideration. I did talk more about this in a previous post. USB Type C charging is great news!

The Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller

We got to see some wicked presentations of the Joy Con controllers. Initially, they seemed very basic and straightforward. The presentation highlights some cool features that you wouldn’t have really noticed. They are very detailed and seem well made. The right joystick has an NFC reader and writer. The left Joy Con controller has a square button that is a capture button. This allows you to capture screenshots of your games with a future update to possibly allow for videos as well.

Independent hand motion control is possible while holding the left and right controller in each hand. This is due to the controller’s gyros sensors and accelerometers. The SR and SL buttons on the top of each controller make it possible to play mini 2 player games. Each player can grab a controller (left and right) and play split screen Mario Cart. So the console may come packaged with one controller, but it is possible to split that controller in order to play 2 player games.

A real first from the presentation was the neon blue and red color combination of the Joy Con controller. And the cool strap that slides onto the controller. The strap will keep the controller around your wrist so that you don’t drop it. The part that slides into the controller has a firmer set of SR and SL buttons. The new and highly precise HD rumble vibration is an amazing new type of vibration that can give you a sensation of real physical things. A good example was in the event video. Holding the controller and shaking it felt just like holding and shaking a glass of ice.

 The Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller

New Style of Play

One of the most awesome features of The Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller is being able to interact and play with someone else in the room without looking at the screen. You look directly into your opponents eyes when you play. In the video, two so-called cowboys face each other with the controllers and draw and shoot each other. The console plays as a referee. This is a totally new type of gaming and has the potential for so many new and awesome applications.

There were so many other cool highlights and announcements from that event in Japan. There were also events held all over the world with so many great videos and reviews. I will be going through those vids with you soon. For now, you can take a look at IGNs coverage of the Japan Nintendo Switch event.


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