Passengers Review – Can You Ignore Its Messed up Premise?

Passengers is a science fiction action film set in the distant future. The entire movie takes place onboard a spaceship that is transporting more than 5000 passengers to a new planet. It tells the story of a couple, played by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt who are awoken from an induced hibernation and have to deal with the consequences of not just their awakening, but of the ships failing systems too. The movie suffers from an extremely dark premise which was not advertised in the trailer and in order media. I will get straight to that premise in my Passengers Review.

Passengers Review

After seeing the trailer for Passengers when I went to watch Rogue One, I was sold. I wanted to see this marvelous and breathtaking sci-fi movie. The sets looked amazing and had my sci-fi approval. Even the actors are considered to be at the top of the sci-fi genre. But what the trailers and marketing team failed to advertise was the fact that Pratt’s character turns into a sick and perverted person who does the unthinkable with totally no regard for another humans life.

Pratt and Lawrence are part of a spaceship that is carrying 5000 passengers and about 200+ crewmembers to a new planet in order to inhabit and build a new civilization. The ship is on autopilot and the journey will take 120 years to complete. The passengers in the mean time are in an induced hibernation state and will only be awoken 4 months before arrival.

By some impossible variable, Pratt’s pod malfunctions and he awakes. After a short while, he realizes that he was prematurely awoken 90 years ahead of time. He is the only person that is awake on the ship. There’s no way to get back into the pod and re-activate the hibernation process. This process has to be almost surgically done in order to successfully go back to sleep. Pratt freaks out and inevitably comes to terms with his fate, which is growing old and dying on that ship.

Passengers Review
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Poor Lonely Guy…

A year has passed and Pratt is at the height of his loneliness when he contemplates suicide. He stumbles upon a pod with Jennifer Lawrence in it in her hibernating state. He quickly acquires her details and starts looking up her online profile and starts reading her work. This develops into a sort of obsession which diverts Pratt from his idea of suicide. Pratt lust and obsession kind of takes over when he decides to wake Lawrence up. He was thinking perfectly clearly when doing this because he stopped drinking and got himself back into shape (he even finally shaved!).

Lawrence awakes to the identical displeasure that Pratt experienced a year ago when he first woke up. He doesn’t tell her that he woke her up. So she is acting under the pretense that it was all some sort of a malfunctioning pod. She eventually does find out and in a very angrily and rightfully so way, decides to stay away from Pratt. But that doesn’t last long because the two have to work together to save the ship from completely malfunctioning and crashing. Pratt almost died trying to save the ship. This great heroic act actually persuaded Lawrence to reunite with Pratt and fall in love again and eventually grow old and die with him.

Passengers Keeps Getting Weirder

Oh and Lawrence Fishburne pops up in the movie for a few moments and exits just as conveniently! A Very strange movie that just doesn’t seem to work at all. The writers kept digging themselves into a deeper hole with this one. The idea of Pratt issuing a death sentence on Lawrence just so day he won’t die lonely is a very dark premise to get over. He is such a lovable actor and he really did give one of his greatest performances here but still did not manage to overcome the whole creepy vibe he gave off when he first saw Jennifer Lawrence.

Lawrence’s performance was just as stunning as Pratt, if not better. He emotions were so believable. There’s a part when she finds out it was Pratt’s fault that she is awake, she actually gets sick and she even looks sick! He entire face starts to sag a bit. The two eventually getting together at the end was also acted well and also made a lot of sense. But the initial premise and the initial damage Pratt caused to Lawrence is too sick and terrible that it isn’t much you can do to ignore what he did. They just couldn’t make it believable that Lawrence’s character would forgive Pratt, even with those great performances. Lawrence even goes to say something like “you killed me!”

Passengers Review
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Is It Still Watchable?

I taught that this movie will symbolize the perversion of males against women today. I hoped that it would teach a valuable lesson. But they do end up with each other at the end, so no it doesn’t teach us anything besides that the movie actually promotes stalking innocent women!

I really think you can give this movie a pass. The twisted premise is hard to avoid or oversee. It forms the basis of the entire movie and it’s actually sicker that they hid that premise when advertising because it is the core plot of the movie. There are numerous fantastic scenes, like when Lawrence swims in a pool in zero gravity. The score is amazing as well and technically this movie is brilliant. But you will feel cheated and tricked if you watch this weird movie!

Passengers Review
  • 6/10
    Passengers Review - 6/10


One of the strangest movies I have seen. I still can’t understand how they managed to pitch this movie to so many people in order to get them on board to make this movie. And the unfortunate people involved in this movie actually did a great job. The actors were great and so was the score and sets. It’s just the ridiculous story and plot that lets the movie down.

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