What Are People Saying about the New iPhone X?

The award for the most anticipated smartphone of the past decade has to go to the new iPhone X. Second place probably goes to the first ever iPhone which was introduced 10 years ago. It’s befitting that the iPhone X will experience this much hype upon its release. But not all of the hype is positive.

In typical Apple fashion, we now see a new product that is going through some drastic changes due to Apple removing important features. These are features that most of us can try to “just live without them”. Most consumers are upset because now their favorite devices come without headphone jacks and fingerprint scanners, but at a much higher price than before. The big question is that is all of this warranted at the insane price that you will pay for a new iPhone X today?

In this article, I will take a look at some of the Amazing New Features of the new iPhone X as well as some that will be sorely missed. I guess that we will just have to come to terms with this loss and try to make do with Apple’s decision (again, in typical Apple fashion!).

iPhone X Price and Release Date

The iPhone X is currently the most expensive flagship smartphone available to the masses. Well, available is a bit of a vague term. Pre-orders for the device began on October 27, with a release date of 3 November. We are well into a few weeks now and the iPhone X is still very hard to come by. It will probably be weeks until stocks will be readily available. If you do get one now it will most likely be a device bought from another buyer at a premium price or just plain luck.

The iPhone X comes in at $999 for a 64GB version and $1149 for the 256GB variant. If you are not willing to splash out your life savings for this phone you can settle for an iPhone 8 at $699 or an iPhone 8 plus for $799. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus may also seem overpriced because of their outdated designs, but they both do sport the same A11 bionic chip as the iPhone X which is a benchmark killer of a chip.

The good news is if you are a casual smartphone user and you like the classic look of the iPhone, you can opt for cheaper variants such as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s which Apple plan to continue selling. These handsets may seem outdated by modern smartphone standards, but because of Apple’s super efficient and optimised iOS, these phones will be more than capable in the years to come.

But is the introductory price of $999 for an iPhone X worth it? Let’s take a look at some of the handsets latest exclusive features and find out.


The screen on the iPhone X is without a doubt one of, or if not, The Best Screen out there on a mobile smartphone. The 5,8” screen is the best you will find on any iPhone. It is made out of OLED technology which produces pitch black blacks and extremely bright whites. Apple is known for their impressive Retina displays. But the screen on the iPhone X is something else! Apple has managed to produce a screen that is a seamless blend of a Samsung OLED and an iPhone optimized Retina Display.

However, this amazing display has one incredibly fatal flaw, and that is that terrible Notch! There are currently mixed vibes and feelings regarding this. I personally am not a fan and would have preferred if Apple finished off the entire top part of the display below the cameras at the top. Most smartphones do this, we have seen this done by manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, and Pixel. But the iPhone X has gone in a similar direction to that of the Essential Phone.

Whatever the case may be, it is 2017 and having a notch is something that we must accept. All in the effort to create more real estate for that beautiful screen. All this being said, most users have confessed to actually forgetting that the notch was there. Over time you do get used to it and it becomes second nature. Because Apple is such a powerful force, app makers will actually comply by making their apps compatible with the iPhone X screen.

iPhone X Wireless Charging
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Screen Update: 

Users have complained about the iPhone X being rather too slippery. Not just slippery in the hand, but on most surfaces as well. This may sound like a strange thing to complain about, but users have expressed their concern towards dropping their iPhone X. This concern is due to the high replacement parts for a cracked screen and rear glass housing.

Replacing the screen of the iPhone X will cost around $249. Replacing the back glas will cost around the $549 mark. This is insane, it may be cheaper to replace the windshield of your car!

Face ID

Face ID, Apples Facial Recognition software is the authentication method of choice for the iPhone X. Apple has not only ditched the home button, but they have also compromised on their traditional fingerprint scanner. The decision to go with just facial recognition instead of having a backup fingerprint scanner has once again been met with mixed feelings by consumers.

Most people were initially very skeptical about having to do without a fingerprint scanner. But over time, people have gotten used to Apple’s Face ID and all the other iPhone X gestures. There’s actually a crazy amount of videos online of people testing the Face ID software, which in most cases does impressively well. The general consensus is that it won’t really work too well if you wear sunglasses that are super reflective. It will also not work underwater (not sure too many people will have a use for this!).

Face ID overall is very fast and seems to be an accurate means of authentication. Other manufacturers such as LG and One Plus also make use of facial recognition to great success. The software and algorithms can only improve which will make this an important verification standard in the years to come. But along with a few other features, like Animoji, Face ID is exclusive to the iPhone X. It would have been nice to extend these features towards Apple’s other entry-level devices.

Most people were initially very skeptical about having to do without a fingerprint scanner


You have probably seen dozens of videos of talking Animoji’s that were created by iPhone X owners. A great novelesque feature that is exclusive to just the iPhone X. This is made possible due to the iPhone X impressively powerfull TrueDepth camera. The emoji will replicate your facial movements and record your voice to create an Animoji message. This is a fun feature for kids especially, but it can wear old quickly.

However, it does showcase the ability and power of that TrueDepth camera. This can lead to some insane future software developments. You will be able to send Animoji’s to other iPhone X users who can then reply with their own Animoji. Non-iPhone X users will just receive a video with your recorded Animoji.


The iPhone X has the largest battery of any other iPhone. It comes in at 2716mAh as compared to 1821mAh for the iPhone 8 and 2675mAh for the iPhone 8 plus. The battery on the X is about as average a size as you can come to expect from a 2017 flagship phone. By comparison, a Samsung S8 is 3000mAh and an LG G6 battery is 3300mAh. However, with the various optimisations in place in the lightweight iOS operating system, users are reporting a record-breaking 6 hours of Screen-On time.

The iPhone X is certainly Apples best ever iPhone. The radically insane pricepoint is a testament to this fact. It also symbolizes the future of smartphones, a future where we can expect to pay close to a $1000 for a new smartphone. Is Apple justified in charging this much for thier latest and greeatest? let me know what you think in the comments.

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