Pioneer DDJ-SB3 – When Pioneer, Serato, and Jazzy Jeff Get Together

DJ Tech Tools named the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 their best selling DJ controller of 2017. Now, early on in 2018, Pioneer and Serato announce an update to this controller. And it is not just a boring incremental update. The Pioneer DDJ-SB3 is a legit update with a new groundbreaking feature that could possibly filter out into other controllers. The best part is that the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 is an entry level $249 controller.

Pioneer DDJ-SB3

At first glance, the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 seems to share minor differences from the previous SB2 model. But on closer inspection, you will find that Pioneer added dedicated Play and Pause buttons. This is a big feature that was lacking and I am glad Pioneer included it now. Another useful addition is the dedicated loop buttons. The Tempo faders have also seemed to be moved.

There have been rumours of an end in the Pioneer and Serato partnership. Pioneer has chosen to go with their own proprietary DJ software called Record box. This is a great step for Pioneer, but Recordbox has some catching up to do with Serato. Especially now, with this new scratch feature that is included in the Pioneer DDJ-SB3.

The Scratch feature seems to be the most intriguing item on this controller. This feature was developed with input from legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff. There are auto scratch parameters within the 8 pads underneath each deck. Tapping on these pads will perform a perfect scratch on the track that you are playing. Each pad will represent a different scratch ranging from beginner to difficult.

If you are a beginner DJ who wishes to learn who to scratch on turntables, then this feature can help you develop that skill.

I like what Pioneer is doing here with this controller. They have managed to find a way to keep their customers interest in their products by developing a great feature like this. I also like that they have chosen to introduce this feature onto their entry level controller. Roland has also introduced a great drum synth feature into their entry level DJ202 controller. It’s wonderful that Pioneer is also going this route. I would love to see other manufacturers like Native Instruments head in this direction too.

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