Pioneer DEH-X6900BT Single Din Review

The Pioneer DEH-X6900BT Single Din Car Stereo is my pick out of many stereos built in 2016. It looks Awesome, it has great high-end features and its one of the Best Single Din Unit from Pioneer. All of this at an amazing price too! Pioneer has been manufacturing outstanding car audio products for decades now. Its hard to believe that they can still improve on such amazing technology and products. But they still manage to come up with new industry leading car audio products that have some really cool new features. Read on so I can tell you why I like this Stereo so much…

Update: The DEH-X6900BT continues to be among Pioneers best selling single din head units. You can still pick up the player from Amazon who also sell them in complete packages that include speakers as well. There is a slightly newer model called DEH-P7800MP which features a full color OEL display. I will definately post my toughts on this unit here soon…

Pioneer Stereos Just Keep Getting Better

Pioneer has always been at the forefront of car audio production. The Pioneer DEH-X6900BT is a testament to that statement. Its is truly an amazing single din unit at an amazing price! The 6900BT is an upgrade of the previous year 6800BT model. It has a new button layout and a few styling changes. I like the new direction Pioneer has taken with the styling which to me looks more classy and premium.

Pioneer DEH-X6900BT Remote

Key Features:-

  • Dual-zone color control
  • Bluetooth
  • CD, USB and AUX input
  • Smart Phone Control
  • 3-Way Network Mode and Remote
  • Mixtrax
Dual-zone color control

Unlike its predecessor, The 6900BT has dual zone color control which means that the buttons and the display can illuminate to different colors.


You will be able to connect your phone to the stereo wirelessly with the Bluetooth feature. When connected you will be able to go through your contacts and answer calls hands-free. There is a microphone that comes with the radio and can be placed in a convenient place in your car. you will also be able to stream music wirelessly from your phone.

CD, USB, and AUX input

You can use the USB device to stream music from a device like an iPod or Smart Phone. The Device will also be charged while connected. The USB and CD will play most formats like MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, and FLAC. The AUX input can be used to connect and play other music devices that are not supported by Bluetooth or USB.

Smart Phone Control

Plugging your Smart Phone to the USB will give you control over apps like Pandora, Spotify, and Soundcloud. You can also use the sleek looking Pioneer ARC App to control other music apps and adjust the sound settings of the stereo.

3-Way Network Mode and Remote

You will be able to connect up to 3 external amplifiers that can be used to power speakers such as Sub Woofers, 6×9’s and other component speakers. The radio also comes with a cool ergonomic remote control with basic controls. It is also possible to control the radio from the steering wheel with its available steering wheel control port at the back.


Pioneer has utilized their experience in the world of DJing by creating Mixtrax, a virtual DJ software that’s built into the single din unit. Mixtrax will automatically mix songs in a playlist or folder the same way a DJ would. It also uses Pioneer DJ effects to smoothly transition from one track to the next.

Pioneer DEH-X6900BT

Is This the Stereo For You?

The main rival to the Pioneer DEH-X6900BT is the JVC KDR660. The JVC unit has similar features and great styling at a lower price. But the Pioneer is a better quality unit and the styling does have a more premium look to it. The Mixtrax is maybe one of the features that the Pioneer has over the JVC and it is such an entertaining feature to have in your car.

There are also much cheaper single din units available from Pioneer like the Pioneer DEH-150MP. But those units are very basic with just a Radio and CD feature. This is ok if you are someone who is not too worried about those features. But I do promise you that once you start using features like Bluetooth and USB, you will wonder how you managed so long without them.

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Pioneer DEH-X6900BT
  • Pioneer DEH-X6900BT


An Amazing, if not the Best Single Din Unit from Pioneer. An excellent update to the previous model. The standout feature for most will be the Mixtrax DJ Mix feature. Very well priced considering a number of features that are packed into this unit.

Awesome Price
Mixtrax and other top of the line features
Premium Design

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