Pioneer TS-A6986R 6×9 Review

With the latest generation of Pioneer speakers, you can expect to receive an improved overall sound out of these speakers. Its Deeper Bass and Warm Mids and Highs will make for an improved dynamic range in the sound. This excellent sound quality is delivered by 4 speakers that come packaged in a full range 6×9 speaker system. It is a high-quality product, a quality that has been consistent from Pioneer for decades.  This is what makes the Pioneer TS-A6986R an outstanding pair of speakers. It can definitely be considered among the best 6×9 speakers available today.

What’s So Good About 6×9 Speakers?

The best 6×9 speakers are known for their powerful sound. Most 6×9 speakers are Full Range, which means that the sound is complete. A component system features speakers like Sub Woofers for Bass or Tweeters for High-End sound. Full Range 6×9 Speakers are different. They come installed with all the speakers that are in a component system. These components are the Woofer for Low-End Bass, The Mid-Range and the Super Tweeter for Mid and High-End sound. Some 6×9 speakers have a built in crossover network that uses high and low pass filters to separate the sounds to their relevant speakers

6x9s are a great way of upgrading the factory installed speakers in your car. You will instantly hear a difference in the quality of the sound. In order to increase the level of power being fed to the speaker, you will need to install an amplifier. In doing so you will receive a louder and much more powerful sound. Adding an Amplifier will increase the level of power that is being fed to the speaker and will thus give you a louder, more powerful sound.

Some Standout Features

4-Way Speakers – These full range 6×9 speakers deliver a complete sound. This is due to the 4 speakers that are crammed into its housing. You get a large woofer for your Bass sounds. A good sized Mid-Range Tweeter that’s placed in the center above the woofer. There are also 2 Super Tweeters that are placed on each side of the Mid-Range Tweeter.

600 Watts – Each speaker can handle a load of 300 Watts Peak power for a short instant. That’s a total of 600 Watts. The recommended power usage for the speakers is 100 Watts RMS.

Awesome Sound – Pioneer has developed a new Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone structure that assists in creating a wider dispersion of sound. This allows for Deeper Bass. The hard plastic diaphragm makes for a light yet rigid Mid-Range and Super Tweeters. The placement of these speakers makes for a wider dispersion of the sound.

Should You Get One?

I have owned Pioneer 6×9 speakers in the past. This new A-Series of speakers is fantastic. It is certainly an evolved version of what the company used to produce decades ago. I would buy these just for nostalgia alone.

Purchasing these speakers will leave you with great technology and sound at your disposal. Pioneer audio equipment are reliable and high-quality products. All this comes at a very decent price too. These speakers were launched at $ 130. Today you can get it on Amazon for $63. It is an absolute bargain and I totally recommend that you get one.


300 Watts Peak

100 Watts RMS

4-Way (Woofer, Mids, 2x Super Tweeters)

Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series
  • Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series


An Awesome Pair of 6×9 Speakers, yet again from Pioneer. The quality and the sound is amazing and is great value for money

Innovative design
Quality sound
Amazing low-end Bass

Not powerful enough for some users
Flat sound is not for everyone


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