Razers Project Linda: A Top Secret Concept Laptop

Computer peripheral giants Razer have unveiled a New stunning concept laptop at this years CES event in Las Vegas. It’s a tiny 13-inch laptop that supports a beautiful 2K display with backlit RGB keyboard buttons. The most impressive feature about Razers Project Linda is that it is just a laptop chassis that runs completely on a Razer Phone.

Razers Project Linda

The guys over at Android Authority put it nicely. “A Razer Phone that becomes the brain of a laptop”. Basically, in order for this laptop to function, you will need a Razer Phone. The laptop is simply a beautifully crafted Razer laptop chassis. The laptop has Razers familiar signature design, similar to the Razer Blade Stealth laptop.

You connect a Razer Phone to Razers Project Linda and then you have a fully fledged laptop experience. The way you plug in the Razer Phone is such a well-executed design. You just simply drop the phone into the space provided below the keyboard. This is usually where the trackpad is located. You push a button and a USB Type C adaptor automatically mounts itself into the Razer Phone.

A Razer Phone that becomes the brain of a laptop

-Android Authority

Once this is done, then the Razer Phone will convert itself into Laptop Mode and you can then enjoy your mobile experience on a laptop. This sweet design allows a small gap on the side of the Razer Phone which allows you to lift the phone up easily once you are done. This gap is exactly where the phones power button is located. This design allows you to further make use of the power button which also doubles up as a fingerprint reader.

Specs on Razers Project Linda

Razers Project Linda Gaming
Project Linda Promises to take smartphone gaming to the next level.

The actual laptop chassis isn’t really that spaced out. It functions purely off the specced out Razer Phone internals which is running on a Snapdragon 835 chip with 8GB of RAM. But, as mentioned earlier the laptop has a stunning keyboard and screen. It also has a built-in battery which will be able to serve as a power bank for the Razer Phone. So your Razer Phone will be charged up after working on the laptop.

Included in the chassis are USB A and USB C ports and a headphone jack. It’s nice to see a headphone jack here because the Razer Phone doesn’t include one. This prototype unit has a 1080p 60Hz display which is more than sufficient for this type of usage. But Razer does plan to include a 1440p 120Hz (which is in line with the phones 120Hz display) touch screen if the unit is ever released.

The laptop is also missing speakers and a mouse trackpad. This is once again due to the amazing design concept from Razer. The screen of the Phone doubles up as a mouse trackpad. It can also be used as a secondary screen. The laptop also makes use of the Razer Phones superior quality dual front-facing speakers.


As far as software goes, Razers Project Linda is merely a desktop skinned version of Android. Something similar to Remix OS by Jide. Most apps that have support for full-screen desktop mode will look and run similar to your Windows PC software. An example of this will be apps like Youtube and Facebook, as well as a files explorer application.

However, most smartphone apps are designed for use in portrait mode. These will simply run in a display window in the relevant resolution. The best use for this type of a laptop and OS is for Android gaming and Video Streaming.

Will This Device Ever Be Released?

Razers Project Linda doesn’t really feel as far-fetched a concept as previous laptops from Razer. Last year Razer showed off a laptop that had 3 screens in it. That never saw the light of day, but this laptop feels very refined and finished and most importantly, very possible. Also, manufacturers such as Asus and HP are planning to release Laptops and Hybrid Tablets that will feature Snapdragon 835 chips.

The only problem is that this will only appeal to a very small group of people. The market share is narrowed down to only Razer Phone users. It is then further narrowed down to those users who are willing to spend what would seem like a high price for a laptop chassis. Will this be the reason that Razers Project Linda will never see a day of light? I really hope it does get its release.

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