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We return to the land of Adystria in issue 2 of Mark Millar’s new and intriguing comic, Reborn. I recently reviewed the first issue and gave it a very high rating. I considered it to be a masterpiece in comic book art and writing. The bar has been set very high here early on. Will Reborn #2 continue with this amazing flow?

Reborn is a new comic book series that is published by Image comics and is created by some of the industries most legendary contributors. The series is written by Mark Millar and drawn by Greg Capullo. One of the highlights of Capullo’s career is penciling the New 52 Batman series of comics. Capullo now teams up with Millar and also reunites with Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia to bring us this great new comic book series.

Welcome to Adystria (Spoilers Ahead!)

In Reborn #2 we get to explore this new world that Millar has created for us. It is an afterlife world who’s inhabitants are those who have passed on from the real world. Reborn #2 looks like a very mythical land with beautiful scenery and lush green forests. It feels like Middle Earth, but there is a Sci-Fi Twist. A Sci-Fi Element in the form of high-tech vehicles and weapons. The buildings do look modern. It’s actually a blend of modern and old fashion.

The actual size of this land is about 10 times the size of Earth. Bonnie’s dad, Big Tom, knows this because he has spent a lot of time trying to find his wife, Bonnie’s mom. Big Tom gives us some cool insight into this new world. People come in at different ages. He came in at 3 years old. Most of the people there are people you knew on Earth. Even your pets are here, reincarnated as warrior beasts, I think this is very cool. We also know now that there are Dark Lands out there “where bad people go when they die”.

Reborn #2

And so the Adventure Begins

The inhabitants of Adystria are delighted to see Bonnie, who is they key to everything. Part of some prophecy. They hand her a weapon in the form of a Magnificent Sword. She is reborn Unbeatable in this world and will use that weapon to bring peace to this world. Bonnie realizes that her husband Harry may be here too. Big Tom did not come across him because he didn’t even know he had passed. She makes a deal with the village elders to let her seek her husband for just one month. Her dad agreed to go with her and help her find Harry, her husband. And so the adventure begins.

The first stop is at this Kingdom within a gigantic tree. They plan to meet the queen of the faeries who happens to be Bonnies best friend Estelle. They force they way in and meet Estelle who is terribly miserable and disappointed with her current situation. Even though she is a might and powerful queen, she is still upset that she spent a lifetime devoted to religion which actually isn’t at play in the afterlife. She doesn’t even show any emotion towards Bonnie and teleports her and her dad out of there. A cool display of her power and she is like 30 times the size of them!

Reborn #2

The Dark Lands

We get some exposure to The Dark Lands in the form of Golgotha‘s chamber. A very Cinematic Sequence in which we follow a cat like human figure (General Frost) that’s making his way to Golgotha. The dude seems to be literally swimming in a pool of his enemies blood! They talk about the arrival of Bonnie, the chosen one who will challenge Golgotha. Frost admits that he was her pet cat before and they have a history.

I liked how Frost confesses his hatred for Bonnie who had his testicles removed. He even displays his skill to Golgotha by effortlessly impaling his minions. These Baddies are ready to take on Bonnie and we will hope to see some more action soon.

Is Reborn #2 a good issue?

As stated earlier, the first issue was a masterpiece in storytelling and artwork. The pace from the first issue isn’t evident at all. The story has fallen flat here in┬áReborn #2 and is mostly carried by the books amazing artwork. That being said the slow pace still offered valuable insight into introducing new characters and settings. The Dark Lands is still a mystery even though we did get a good introduction to what seems to be the stories, main antagonist. The intro was brief but very stylized (loved that evil mug of his).

Reborn #2

A slow setup issue. Setting up the universe and the mythos of Reborn. A comic book that is seriously shaping up to be another legendary piece of work from Mark Millar.

Standout Image

Reborn #2 may have been a real dip in pacing as compared to issue 1. But this book is full of outstanding imagery. From the beautiful landscapes of Adystria, to the beautiful goddess Estelle and her palace. But its the statement of the image on the last page that caught my eye the most. The statement that was made by Frost exhibiting his loyalty and power towards Golgatha’s evil cause.

Reborn #2

Reborn #2 Review
  • 7.5/10
    Reborn #2 Review - 7.5/10


A much slower pace book when compared to the first issue. Hopefully this is all just an essential build up to something amazing in the next issue.

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