Reborn #3 Review

Reborn #3 continues with our heroes in search of a man by the name of Harry. Harry is the husband of Bonnie Black, a teacher in her past life who is reborn into a warrior champion. It has been prophecised that Bonnie will defeat the one known as Golgotha, the evil leader of The Dark lands. Issue 2 seemed like a really drastic drop in pacing when compared to the brilliant first issue of Reborn. That certainly isn’t the case here with Reborn #3. We are in for a very wild ride!

Reborn #3

Things Finally Get Real for Our Heroes (Spoilers Ahead)

The first page brings us back to enjoying the wonderful land of Adystria. Bonnie and her dad encounter an interesting character by the name of Ernie Barbieri. An ex-auto technician turned inventor. The guy is seen graciously flying an elephant  (sounds very weird but it is what it is). This is made possible by some custom engines and wings that he built for his elephant. All is well and sweet, well until you turn the page. Everything goes completely sideways! Well in this case, inside the belly of a gigantic beast known as Arimathea, King of the dragons.

This bad ass King dragon has the body of a monster dragon with the head of a lion. How hardcore is that! Arimathea and his army of dragons are literally on top of the food chain here as they attack a herd of elephants. They probably got a good taste of elephant meat after gobbling up that flying dude! Strange that this promising character is killed off quicker than he was introduced. But at the same time, it is pretty cool and hardcore.

Big Tom and Bonnie move on and discover a statue of Bernie, Estelle’s husband on Earth. Estelle never got to meet him here. He died before she got here. It is probably one of the reasons for her deep depression. Bonnie understands this and hopes the same won’t happen to her and her husband Harry. The two are suddenly ambushed in the middle of all this discussion And are knocked out cold and taken to Il Mago’s Quarter in The Dark Lands.

Reborn #3

Il Mago’s Quarter

They are presented to Trader Koti, an underground gangster, and smuggler who takes Bonnie’s magic sword. Koti calls up General Frost (Who really has it in for Bonnie). He’s immediately on his way in his sleek looking speedster. He wants to get there first and destroy Bonnie before she can realize any of her powers. He’s obviously looking to get all the credit for her destruction in order to gain something from Golgotha.

Big Tom, in an insane showing off his brute force, breaks out with Bonnie and Escape. For a brief moment here we see Bonnie skillfully take on a few bandits. She doesn’t really know how she did it. She is probably realizing her purpose and the skill. In all the chaos, the two seek refuge through a portal within a dodgy looking dudes coat (nothing can go wrong here right?). But in their defense, they were seriously outnumbered in enemy territory and had very little options and had to think fast.

They are actually teleported into a lair that is full of holding cells for political prisoners who are all waiting to be executed. Big Tom realizes that they are in Black Wish Mountain. Inside Il Mago’s Dungeon. This sudden revelation from Big Tom is immediately interrupted by a greeting from a nasty-looking giant of a man who claims that “nobody is even here for long”.

Is Reborn #3 Any Good?

Well, It is as hardcore as it gets! Super fast paced and super action packed. Reborn #3 certainly makes up for the slow pace of the previous issue. The fight scenes are delightfully choreographed. You can feel the pain and impact from the moves of our heroes. The writing of this issue has been criticized, especially character development. We are introduced to so many characters here and we are constantly changing locations. So we don’t really get to know these new characters because we are just moving along.

The one thing that everyone can agree on is the amazing artwork. You can’t help but get caught up in the amazing settings and scenes. Capullo and his team are consistently producing first class artwork here. Whether you are in the streets of The Dark Lands or Il Mago’s Dungeons, The detailed and color heavy visuals will keep you amazed. You will spend a lot of time flipping back just to recapture the amazing imagery on display (that’s if you are a very visual person like me).

Standout Image

Reborn #3 ends on a serious cliffhanger. Our Heros Bonnie and Big Tom are tricked into entering the mysterious Il Mago’s Dungeon. They encounter a gigantic monster of a man and his band of, well, little monster men!

Reborn #3

Reborn #3 Review
  • 8.5/10
    Reborn #3 Review - 8.5/10


A very action packed issue that jumps from location to location literally at the turn of a page! No time for any real story telling here. Just a sequence of our heroes getting in and out of trouble. Millar introduces the world of the inhabitants of The Dark Lands in a very unorthodox and frantic way. But it is fitting considering the type of people they are. Things are heating up and Reborn #3 leaves you wanting more.

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