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I remember reading up on some terrible news last year. Greg Capullo was set to leave the critically acclaimed New 52 Batman comic book series. This shocked the hell out of me seeing that I am actually a big fan of the man who penciled my 2 most favorite comic book stories, Spawn and Batman. I would later find out that DC Comics are planning on ending their New 52 run entirely! Personally, I have a fan website dedicated to the New 52 Batman mythos and their team behind that successful comic arc (Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder). So for me, hearing this is like almost the same as finding out about someone’s death. My only consolation was hearing that Capullo is going to work with this guy, Mark Millar, on some other project. That project is Reborn. I have just read Reborn Issue 1 and it is Amazing!

New Story by Familiar Faces

Mark Millar has worked everywhere in comics. He has had great success writing for well established comic titles as well as comics of his own creation. Two of his most notable Marvel titles are Civil War and the excellent Old Man Logan (Both were with artist Steve McNiven). You probably heard of his own creations like Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service, which was adapted into successful movies. Millar is a comic book writer who is ultra successful in every part of the comic book spectrum, be it a big name or independent publisher. Much of his work usually gets adapted into a movie because of his epic cinematic style of storytelling. But none of which would have been possible without a good artist.


And that good artist is Greg Capullo (who sees himself as a cartoonist). An artist who loves to pay an immense amount of attention to detail, just like Gibbons and McNiven. Known for creating drawings that are creepy and scary. He specializes in drawing monsters and demons. This is all evident during the times he worked on Spawn and Batman. But in an interview, he stated that he loves drawing normal people the most. This is evident in the noticeable differences in body shape and facial features. Every character is easily recognizable in this comic thanks to Capullo’s fine work.

Ok Enough Backstory Let’s Go Ahead with the Reborn Issue 1 Review (Spoilers Ahead!)

The first 3 pages of this book makes very little sense. It is something that would gently be unraveled towards the end of the issue. But the title ‘Reborn’ does offer a small bit of insight into the strange happenings. And those happenings include a violent shootout in the city of Minneapolis in 2002. An old man is shot straight through the heart. In the very next frame that old man is transported to a totally different setting. A setting in which his appearance has changed to a more younger form. There are other people around him just as confused. It’s possible that they are other victims from the same shootout. Only a sexy female warrior guides them by letting them know that they need to focus their attention to the trouble on the horizon for now and not worry about where they are.

The first 2 pages is a sweet reunion of Artist Greg Capullo, inker Jonathon Glapion, and colorist FCO Plascencia. These are the guys responsible for the critically acclaimed New 52 Batman series. Most notably The Court of Owls story arc. I just finished reviewing Issue 6 – Beneath The Glass. The gritty artwork and colors from that issue certainly resemble the work that is put into the first 2 pages of Reborn. The only main difference is that the artwork is much more polished and the inking is much more aggressive. The next scene in the coiuntry side is a total contrast to the pale first 2 pages. Vibrant colors with insane detailing and inking. The first 2 pages may have been a slight nod to Batman, but this comic takes the team of Capullo, Glapion, and Plascencia to a whole new level.

Reborn Issue 1

Meet Bonnie…

We cut to a story about a 78-year-old lady named Bonnie. She’s currently being treated at a hospital for what seems to be a stroke. She expresses her fear of dying to her granddaughter. Bonnie fears that she may be near the end and is struggling to accept her death, unlike her best friend Estelle who passed away from cancer. I like how we are introduced to characters in her life from panel to panel. You really feel for Bonnie who has lived a very simple life and who misses her husband so much.

Reborn Issue 1

Bonnie has another stroke and in a breathtaking sequence, we see her entire life flash before her. She sees everyone as she is reincarnated into a younger version of herself. Just like the people in the start of the story, Bonnie is placed in hostile territory. But the difference here is that she is right in the middle of the action. A post-apocalyptic scene that resembles Judgement Day from the Terminator franchise with an aerial machine hovering over Bonnie. Just as the aircraft fires at her, a gigantic dude dressed in an outfit which looks like Thor meets Sparta shoves her out the way. This guy takes out the ship and starts to anticipate the next aerial threat, a freaking dragon!

Full Blown Action

This warrior man doesn’t even hesitate as he shoves his axe right down the center of the dragon’s head, killing it instantly. He moves on and continues to fight a battle that’s straight out of the second Lord of the Rings movie (The Two Towers). It’s the Humans against what would seem to be Ogres and Orcs. These Orcs recognize Bonnie as “The Protector” and flee for safety. That hardcore warrior dude reveals himself to be Bonnies Dad who is the leader of his group of humans.

The action sequence is so reminiscent of Capullos epic and frantic Batman fight scenes. He knows how to fill up a scene and make it look like absolute pandemonium. The scene seems to be a mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy type of characters. Some of the warriors were dressed in clothes that resembled the outfits of the Rebel fighters on Return of the Jedi. Thes guys are fighting big ass axe wielding Orcs who also pilot air crafts. Oh, and they have dragons on their side too!

How Good Is Reborn Issue 1?

I say that Reborn Issue 1 is so good, it deserves a 10 out of 10 rating! This comic alone has so much in it. You actually feel like you are reading 3 different comics because of the various distinct colors and artwork in this book. Capullo does such a great job of telling his story too through his art. Not just Through the insane action sequences, but also in the more subtle scenes through body language and posture.

Millar does a perfect job disorientating the reader at the start. He also carries you along nicely in the build up sequences right through to the final fight scene. The story is so cinematic and epic. A style that Capullo, Glapion, Plascencia, and Millar are so experienced at bringing to the pages of a comic book. This team is a match made in heaven and this comic is their gift to us. Drop whatever you are doing and read it now!

Standout Image

Loving this dark gritty Sci-Fi setting with this giant unknown aircraft hovering over a highly confused Bonnie. All hell breaks loose after this!

Reborn Issue 1

Reborn Issue 1 Review
  • 10/10
    Reborn Issue 1 Review - 10/10


A Masterpiece of storytelling, Artwork, Inking, and Coloring. This is not just a comic book story. but a story of a team of comic book creators that are taking their craft to the very next level so far above the rest of the competition. I like the concept as well as the story of this comic a lot and I am glad to be invested in this new series

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