Roland DJ 808 Demo

The Roland DJ808 is an absolutely bonkers DJ controller. It is the most up to date DJ and music performance, all in one controller that money can get you right now. I covered this controller in detail in a previous post. In that post, I also mentioned that I will be bringing on a live Roland DJ808 demo of this beast of a Musical Instrument/DJ Performance Controller.

Roland DJ 808 Demo

The DJ808 has all the bells and whistles that you can expect from a high-end DJ controller. It has a dedicated 4 channel mixer which means that you can play up to 4 tracks at the same time. These 4 tracks can be transported into the supplied Serato DJ software or you can opt to connect external hardware. An example of this is to connect a DJ turntable and play your vinyl records. The Mixer has a phone line in and an earth leakage pin to aid in powering the sound of your turntable.

The DJ808 is DVR ready. This means that the hardware and software are ready to work with timecoded vinyl records or CDs. You can add two turntables to this setup and use timecoded vinyl records to control your digital MP3 music library.

You can still go all out and extend this setup further. This can be done by adding up to two more musical instruments from Roland’s AIRA performance range. AIRA consists of musical hardware such as Modular Synthesizers, Drum Machines and Sequencers, Bass Synths, and Effects units. These devices can be added to this setup simply by USB connection. The AIRA device will sync with the master tempo of the currently playing track on the DJ808.

There’s also no issue at all with just sticking to the controller and using it as an all in one DJ and music performance solution. Apart from playing and mixing your tracks, you can program drum sequences to layer on top your music. Kinda like how Ritchie Hawtin and Dubfire do during their live performances. These Drum sounds are not samples, they are synthesized from a chip based on the classic Roland TRS drum synth.

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