Roland DJ505 Demonstration

I recently posted an article on the Roland DJ505 controller. It is a newly released DJ controller from Roland, a company synonymous for Musical Instruments. Roland is now taking the DJ world by storm by distributing high-quality DJ controllers for both the low and high-end market. What sets Roland DJ controllers from other controllers is that they have prograde drum synthesizers built into them. Below is a Roland DJ505 Demonstration that showcases this great new feature that is quickly catching on with DJs.

Roland DJ505 Demonstration

The video comes from iDJNow’s YouTube channel. In the Video Matthew Chicoine from Roland executes a perfect Roland DJ505 Demonstration for us. He gives us a great overview of the controller and its capabilities. Then you get down and dirty with the beats by programming some drums over a track that he was playing.

As mentioned earlier, the drums are synthesized and not samples. They come courtesy of Roland’s legendary TR-808 and 909 architecture in a built-in chip within the controller. So what you do get here is a bonified DJ controller as well as a Drum Synthesizer and Drum Sequencer. The drum sequencer is the strip at the top of the controller. This can be used to create a quick pattern with the synthesized beats.

One of my favourite features of this controller is the mixer which can function as a standalone mixer. You can connect other CDJs and turntables to the DJ505, making the controller even more versatile. Most DJ controllers have just a standard mixer that controls software. This mixer can take in sound inputs such as a line in and phono in for turntables.

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