Samsung S9 Durability Test

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the latest flagship smartphone that everyone has their eyes on at the moment. It has maintained its incredible design and features from the previous S8 generation. In fact, the S9 has built upon the strenghts of the S8 to deliver another outstanding smartphone. The S9 does, however, have a fragile glass and aluminium design. The Samsung S9 Durability Test will give us an indication of how fragile this design is.

Last years S8 did very well in the durability test. Better than expected. Will the S9 deliver a similar result?

Samsung S9 Durability Test

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The Samsung S9 passes the Samsung S9 Durability Test. The front glass scratches at level 7, similar to last years model which means that there is no major upgrade in the screen. The coated aluminium frame and metal buttons are extremely durable. This great design leads to almost zero body flex. The S9 passes the bend test with flying colours.

The glass back gives the S9 smartphone a glossy look. This look is prone to excessive smudges. But the upside is that the S9 will survive heavy scratches. But be warned, It is a perfect surface for avoiding scratches. Over time the S9 will ensure scratches due to being rubbed against other items in your pocket and surfaces.

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