Samsung S9 Trailer Leaked

Someone over at Samsung accidentally posted the official trailer for their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. This happened a day before the actual unveiling. This may not seem like a huge deal because most smartphone trailers are so obscure and plain. But this Samsung S9 Trailer actually delivers plenty of spoilers for the upcoming smartphone.

Lets take a look at the breakdown below.

Samsung S9 Trailer Leaked

Looks wise we see no major change from last years model. This is not necessarily a bad thing because the S8 had a futuristic feel back in 2017. The times have finally caught up with that design now. The main aesthetic difference is the fingerprint scanner that moves below the camera, and an additional speaker which gives the S9 its stereo sound. Also the headphone jack remains which is great news.

We get to see Samsung Dex in operation. This allows the S9 to run in desktop mode. You can work on a computer screen while using the smartphones screen as a mouse and keyboard.

The S9’s camera will also have Variable Aperture as well as AR Readiness. Samsung Knox 3.1 adds an extra layer of protection from hackers as well as face and fingerprint authentication. Its also good to know that the Samsung S9 will ship with Android Oreo. Intelligent scan is a technology that combines face recognition and iris scanning. Similar to the iPhone X which will allow you to unlock the smartphone even in darker environments.

A cool new software feature on the S9 is AR Emoji app. You can create an Augmented Reality version of yourself. You can create an Emoji avatar of yourself and it will have all of your features.

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