Sasha Scene Delete Review – An Experimental and Chilled Album

Sasha recently released a new solo album called Sasha Scene Delete. The music here is in no real way related to his latest house and electronic anthems which have been charting Beatport recently. The music is set in a more chillout and downtempo mood with inspiration drawn from modern classical music. Let’s take a closer look at this new and intriguing album, Sasha Scene Delete.

Our Favourite DJ and Artist

Sasha has been at it since the 80’s. He really grew strong as a DJ in the 90’s establishing key residencies around UK and Ibiza. His style back then was progressive house music. Music that moved you, not only with the beat but emotionally as well. Sasha along with John Digweed revolutionized the Mix CD. They gave us a brand of music that spoke to our soul.

This is also evident in his own productions during the late 90’s. The brilliant Xpander featured in the timeless Global Underground Ibiza helped cement Sasha as the best DJ in the world. In fact, Mixmag named him the No. 1 DJ in the world.

Fast Track a few more years and Sasha yet again revolutionized the mix CD with Involver. Involver is a mix CD comprising of music from other artists all remixed and mixed by Sasha using Ableton Live software. This changed the game drastically and moved artists further into the digital realm where they can push the boundaries of creativity. Involver will forever be at the top of many electronic music enthusiasts list of solid albums.

Sasha Scene Delete Review

I mentioned Involver for two reasons. It is an album that I do hold in very high regard personally. It came during a good time in my life and whenever I listen to that CD I can’t help but feel great again. The other reason is that Involver did have a few long awaited sequels. But Involver 2 and 3 did not manage to capture the essence of the first album (Involver 3 was actually much better than 2).

Sasha’s Scene Delete does have moments of Involver magic. Sweet lazy and melodic is the order of the day. But unfortunately that is about it (Involver does dive into a much more uplifting territory). Sasha has mentioned that he drew inspiration from artists such as Max Richter and Steve Reich. There’s also a bit of James Holden in there too.

Sasha Scene Delete is extremely well produced. But you can not help but feel that this is more of an experimental album from the man that once revolutionized electronic albums. You will love Scene Delete for its gentle and subtle nature. But the album does certainly lack the soul moving intensity of Sasha’s earlier work. Sasha Scene Delete is available on vinyl, which I think will be the perfect way to experience this delightful album.

Sasha Scene Delete
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A very enjoyable and well-produced album from the best in the business. The big downfall is that it sounds very experimental. Still great nonetheless.

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