Should You Buy an Apple HomePod Now?

Apple launched their new smart speaker this weekend. It is called the Apple Homepod. A great technical achievement in terms of hardware for sure. The amount of engineering and development that went into this product is astounding. But it is seriously let down by its software features. So the Question is, Should You Buy an Apple HomePod?

In the video below, we take a look at some of the serious issues that concern the Apple HomePod. Most of these issues can be considered Deal Breakers. But there is some hope as well in the video for the HomePod. Let’s take a look and discuss further on Should You Buy an Apple HomePod Now.

Should You Buy an Apple HomePod Now?

An Excellent Video put together by Quinn Nelson from Snazzy Labs. Please do hit the like button on the vid as well as subscribe to Snazzy Labs’ YouTube channel.

Some of the Highlights of the video was Quinn’s excentric unboxing as well as reading out the list of music streaming services. And wow, that is a big list. A big list that Apple has no support for. Except for Apple Music. So if you are an Avid Apple Fanboy that loves listening to music and podcasts via Apples’ services, then you might be ok.

But if you are like the rest of the world that use other mobile operating systems like Android, then this device is not for you. Even being a multi-device user like myself doesn’t help the cause any further. I have an iPhone, but my Android is my prefered smart device.

A great point that Quin touched on is Device Longevity. He states that speaker technology is so reliable and solid. Speakers last years, if not decades. So a pricey Apple HomePod speaker will go a long way. But seeing that there are no ports, the device will become totally obsolete if Apple chooses to discontinue support for the device An important point indeed to think about before you make a buying decision here.

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