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Sky Force Reloaded is exactly what the iOS app store claims it to be. And that is a “Classic Arcade Shoot ’em up” game (classic games like Galaga and Space Invaders). It isn’t stylized as a retro 8-bit game but a 3D mobile game with stunning graphics. Older Apple devices will struggle to run the game. It does, however, look amazing on an iPhone 6.

I like the fact that this Freemium game (unlike others) is actually very playable and enjoyable. With a decent amount of effort, Unlocking new stages might not be too out of reach. I am currently at a well-deserved stage 9 and I feel like I can progress much further (with more playing time and effort). Further Progression in this game also doesn’t feel like ‘work’. It will be time well-spent gaming. I’m making this statement because of the amount of games I had to ditch because they are no longer enjoyable and impossible to progress. Even games with brilliant gameplay become so tedious and repetitive. They can take months to unlock new characters and stages. This is certainly not the case for Sky Force Reloaded.

You Pilot a Fighter Plane on a mission to destroy All Enemies and to rescue All Stranded Pilots. Your enemies are made up of Aerial and Ground Forces. After surviving all of the attacks set upon you throughout a mission, you then have to destroy the Boss who hits you with a sequence of brutal attacks.


There are 4 objectives/medals for each stage:-

  1. Destroy 70% of Enemy Forces
  2. Destroy 100% of Enemy Forces
  3. Rescue all People
  4. Stay Untouched

Achieving all medals unlocks a new level of difficulty (Hard/Insane). There are 3 Levels of Difficulty available on each stage and 4 medals can be achieved on each level. Acquiring more medals will also unlock more Stages. It does get more difficult to achieve as you progress further. But the gameplay is so satisfying that achieving a goal is usually a joy and not too much of a burden. Each stage looks very unique and is beautifully modeled. These stages serve as backgrounds to ultimate chaos which is caused by endless attacks of bullets, bombs and RPG Fire.

Sky Force R Stages

When I start a new stage, my personal goal is to just complete the stage first. I then replay the stage and I try to achieve each medal individually (eg. Rescue all people). You have to be a real pro to grab all medals in one go. This tactic has served me well so far. I can genuinely say that I have enjoyed Sky Force Reloaded’s addictive gameplay.


You start off with a measly Main Cannon that fires unlimited bullets at a slow rate. If you are successful at destroying enemies at a consistently high rate, then you will earn a weapons upgrade. The more weapon upgrades you pick up within a stage, the faster your firing rate becomes. You also collect stars along the way which are the games currency. Stars can be used to purchase valuable upgrades to your weapons.

Sky Force R Firepower

Here’s a list of upgrades you can make to your Plane:-

  1. Health
  2. Main Cannon
  3. Wing Cannons
  4. Magnet
  5. Missiles
  6. Laser
  7. Energy Shield
  8. Mega Bomb

The first 6 items are upgradable to give your weapons more power to destroy your targets. The Laser is just a single layer burst that is useful against bosses. You can buy more laser bursts or collect them along the stage. The same goes for the Energy Shield which can be deployed for a short time and the Mega Bomb which causes damage to all enemies. I found all weapons to be useful in their own way. A favorite for me with be the Wing Cannon which fires 2 unstoppable bullets at a time. I do however suggest that you upgrade all weapons periodically.

Planes and Cards

There are 9 planes available in this game (8 need to be unlocked). The plane that you start off with is called ‘The Classic’. Other planes are equipped with special functions that can aid in achieving a particular medal or mission. My 2 picks are the ‘Iron Clad’ and the ‘Limp Berserker’. Iron Clad has 50% more health. The Limp Berserker can be destroyed with just a single shot. But it does start off with a Maximum Fire Rate which makes it ideal for missions when you need to stay untouched.

Cards give you a ‘Boost’ in power for a specific ability for a limited amount of time. There are 24 cards with 6 special cards. Some notable cards are Maximum Fire rate, which gives any plane you use maximum fire rate until the card expires. Another is increased Magnet Power which gives you the ability to collect stars and powers from a small distance away.

Is it really as good as they say it is?

I have Sky Force Reloaded, Loaded on my iPhone and it is my go to game. Especially if I’m in line at the bank or if I have a few minutes to spare. It’s fast paced arcade style gameplay is very addictive and the overall levels and goals are satisfying and achievable. Like me, you will still love this game even a few months after owning it.

  • Sky Force Reloaded
Sky Force Reloaded
  • Sky Force Reloaded


A Beautiful, Addictive and Satisfying shoot em up game which is a true update to those old school games we all loved. The Levels and Medals can become difficult, but are still nonetheless achievable.

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