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The Skydio R1 is a fully autonomous drone. It is the first of its kind that is meant for commercial use. The drone is self-piloted and will never crash. This is made possible by 13 cameras that are located all over the exterior of the drone. These cameras feed information to the included NVIDIA Jetson chip. A similar chip that can be found in self-driving cars.

The Skydio R1 can be configured via a companion app. You can set the Skydio R1 to follow a target while recording video. The drone will record video as soon as it takes off and will stop when it lands. There are various modes available such as follow (rear or side or circle), lead (front), and manual. All of which is controlled by the app on your smartphone. This is control starts and ends because there is no included controller. Apart from taking really amazing tracking shots, the main objective of the Skydio R1 is to avoid crashing.

Skydio R1

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The experience of this drone is very new, yet enjoyable. It can take off from either the ground or your hand. You will definitely capture some delightful videos with the R1. But the downside is that the video quality options are restricted.

  • 1080 30fps
  • 1080 60fps
  • 4K 30fps

This may be sufficient for most people. But professionals will miss the higher quality recording options of competitor drones. Another downside is that the drone isn’t compact. It cannot fold away into a backpack like most modern drones.

These are downsides that may not be considered deal breakers for most people. But the price of $2500 might just be. The R1 has amazing machine learning capabilities and is promised to never crash. But all this comes with an insane price tag.

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