Space X Falcon Heavy Rocket Launches Tesla Car Towards Mars

Space X launched a Tesla Roadster into space this past Tuesday! This came courtesy of the companies Falcon Heavy Rocket. The Red Tesla Roadster will enter Mars after orbiting the sun. Inside the Roadster is a dummy (named Starman) dressed in an astronaut suit.

This is certainly a great achievement, not only for the people of Space X but for humanity as well.

Update: Starman Has Gone Dark! After his last amazing selfie, the Red Tesla Roadster has used up its last bit of power and is now on its own as it glides on over towards Mars Orbit. Elon Musk did predict that the battery of the roadster would last about 12 hours before it blacked-out.

Space X Falcon Heavy Rocket Launches Tesla Car Towards Mars

The latest update on the car’s journey towards Mars is that the Roadsters trajectory had exceeded Mars Orbit. It is now headed towards an Asteroid Belt. But this will take a few months to happen. So far this is all just calculations. The car is going to orbit the sun and Mars as expected. But it will go off course further than expected.

There’s a great article in the LA Times that documents every moment of the launch. It is a very interesting read indeed. The whole purpose of this launch was to make sure that Space X had what it takes to travel all the way to Mars. And so far it is looking very good. Elon Musk has stated his interest in colonising Mars. This might be one of the first steps towards that goal.

The tweet below is actually one of my favourite tweets!

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