Spider-man: Homecoming Could Be the Best Spider-man Movie Yet

In the past 17 years, there have been 3 reboots within the Spider-Man franchise. The 3rd one is coming out really soon and is one the most anticipated movies this year. Spider-Man: Homecoming is set within the marvel cinematic universe as the others weren’t.

With Spider-Man in this universe, we get to see him alongside the avengers and much more. We got our first look at this spider man in last year’s major blockbuster Captain America Civil War(2016).

Introducing a Younger Peter Parker

In Civil War, we saw a younger version of Peter Parker his around the age of 15 within this universe. We get to see young Peter Parker do whatever a spider can and it is said we would get to see more about Peter’s life in school facing the difficulties of being a superhero and a teenager in high school.

Within this movie theirs, no origin story of how he got his powers or the death of uncle Ben but they said that they will speak about Ben so we know that they was a Ben Parker and now he has passed away.

The villains in Spider-Man: Homecoming is Michael Keaton. He plays Adrian Toomes known to be the villainous Vulture. We also supposed to see Bokeen Woodbine playing the role as Herman Schultz the Shocker. With the two trailers released fans are hyped to see this movie. I’m a huge spider-man fan myself.

Hopefully, this movie will be better than past Spider-Man movies as the amazing franchise was an epic failure. I loved the first Spider-Man trilogy directed by Sam Raimi. Back then when Tobey Maguire was spider-man they were still trying to make a Spider-Man 4 but the script was not ready for Sony’s release date. They wanted to release it sometime during 2011. So they started planning a reboot that when we got The Amazing Spider-Man franchise

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