Stick Cricket Super League Best Bowling Style

Stick Cricket Super League is a mobile game that is available for both Android and iOS. You play as members of a cricket team. Your objective is to take on other teams in the hope of climbing up a ladder of cricket super leagues. Most of the gamely revolves around your batting skill. But whether you like it or not, you also have to pay careful attention to the type of bowlers you use. Let’s take a look at some Stick Cricket Super League Best Bowling Style and see if there really is the best style.

Stick Cricket Super League Best Bowling Style

When I say which one works best, I mean which bowlers you should use during crucial moments of a game. You can be a magnificent batsman and post really high scores. But the computer is up for the challenge and can pose a serious threat. Even at lower levels. In these situations, you will have to work on your bowling strategy. This can help you control your opponents batting in the hopes of keeping their score down.

Stick Cricket Super League has various bowling styles. These styles vary according to each players abilities. Here’s a list of some of the different bowling styles that you can expect from the game:-

  • Fast
  • Fast Swing
  • Wrist Spin
  • Finger Spin
  • Medium

Each bowler has a rating from 1 to 10. So their ability and style will play a huge role in how effective their bowling is. Also, timing versus the momentum (and skill) of the opposing team also factors in.

Stick Cricket Super League Best Bowling Style
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Fast Bowlers

As in real cricket, Fast Bowlers commonly open the bowling during cricket matches. Fast bowlers bring that aggression and pace that demands that a wicket falls immediately. This strategy is effective most of the time. The reason for this is due to the opening batsmen having a slight loss in focus. Some bowlers in real life are so menacing they actually defeat batsmen on a mental level.

Similar strategies are also evident in the game. Most teams will send out their best fast bowlers first. I must admit that I at times get “spooked” by really good fast bowlers in the game which leads me to drop a wicket. I also tend to lose a wicket when I am not focused enough.

But when I am in the zone, and I am fully focused, I will make sure to get more than 20 runs from that over. Because with pace comes the ability to smash consistent sixes. In other words that ball will go over the boundary just as fast as it was bowled at you.

When I do have successful overs batting against fast bowlers, the computer usually switches things up. So you should do the same. Drop in a spin bowler when your opening fast bowlers have conceded too many runs and not enough wickets.

Spin Bowlers

A bowling tactic to consider when your fast bowler has just been smashed all over the place is to play a spin bowler. A spin bowler will try to slow down the game. Another similarity that the mobile game has to the real game of cricket. By slow down I mean slow down the scoring of runs. Because a spin bowler does not have a long run-up, his overs actually expire quicker. It is also more difficult to bat aggressively against a spin bowler because their focus is usually on accuracy.

So if you miss, he will hit! And because a spin bowler will deliver each ball with accuracy and spin, it is a huge possibility that you can get caught after hitting a ball he delivered. I did find that during some games that even dropping a spin bowler with a low rating did help me control the run rate and in some case get me a wicket.

Medium Bowlers

I have experienced some trouble with facing medium bowlers straight after fast bowlers. the sudden change in pace is always what gets to me. I usually miss time my shots and swing too early. This largely aids my opponent computer who is more than happy to claim a quick wicket due to my miss-timed miss.

But when I do get to grips with the timing, medium bowlers do seem rather easy to smash sixes off. They bowl straight easy balls at you. So with just the exact right timing, you will be able to increase your run rate considerably. I found that the same cant be said for spin bowlers. Even if your timing is correct, you can still miss due to ball spin. You also have to consider hitting with the spin or against the spin.


There is no perfect bowling style in this game. It all depends on the elements of your strategy, such as players rating for both bowling and batting. Things such as run rate and score. I found that certain low-level bowlers performed better during some games that highly rated bowlers. So there is plenty to come off strategy.

I usually play Stick Cricket Super League the same way I would a real game. This adds an extra level of enjoyment to this superb game. Always build a team with a diverse seat of bowling styles available. Don’t just stick to fast bowlers. Mix it up with medium and spin bowlers and work on a bowling schedule that you can experiment with the game.

I hope this article will help you in the game. Please feel free to ask more questions in the comments section.

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