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It’s, December and Super Mario Run finally arrives as promised! For the past few months, we were living in all of the hype that Nintendo and Apple created for this platformer. It promises to be a nostalgic return to the Super Mario world we all grew up in, but with fresh graphics and gameplay. The gameplay is one handed and with some quick and slick tapping moves, you will be getting a lot of Mushroom men excited while cashing in on a lot of coins. But has Nintendo really delivered the game they promised? And is it really worth the huge price tag?

Yes, The Game is Awesome and the price, well, most people are saying that the high price is justifiable if you compare it to Nintendo console game prices which are about 3 times more than Super Mario Run. If you are an avid iOS gamer and you do decide to pay the steep price and play the full version of the game, then you will have many hours of fun with the game. But be prepared, you can only play this game with an internet connection and it requires some large data downloads.

Update: As of 28 December 2016 Super Mario Run has surpassed 50 Million downloads.

Finally on my iPhone

Many of us have been waiting for that little Italian plumber to appear on our iOS devices. Ever since I bought my first iPad have I been looking for a way to get Super Mario working on my iPad. This is possible with the use of a good NES emulator. But nothing really works properly and the App Store condones the use of these emulators. The idea of getting to run around mushroom kingdom was slowly slipping away. Until an announcement in September by Shigeru Miyamoto which caught the world by surprise. An announcement of the arrival of Super Mario Run. Would this be the Best iOS Game we would see in 2016?

The game is a free download from the Apple App Store. An Android version of the game will be available sometime in the future. The free version allows you to play just 3 levels Of the first world in Tour Mode. The 4th stage being the boss stage, Bowsers hangout. You can only preview this stage for 20 seconds. It would have been nice if they just allowed you to continue to the entire stage.


In the game, you control Mario who can automatically hop over enemies and other obstacles. He explores different types off worlds while collecting coins in the process. Although simple these worlds do have an intricate design on them which makes for some sweet one-handed gameplay. There are blocks that boost Mario and also make him stop or go backward. This allows the player to determine when its the right time to move forward. All this makes for an auto-runner game that feels very similar to the original Super Mario game. And you can play it perfectly one handed!

Overall it is a good game that people will spend hours playing

In Toad Rally Mode you can challenge your friends or other players to a 1 on 1 race. The one with the most coins and Toad fans wins. Toad fans accumulate according to the way you execute your gameplay. So the flashier and fancier your style of play is, the more  Toads you will attract. Collecting Toad fans will assist you in upgrading your kingdom and also helps you unlock new items and characters.

Although the concept of Toad Rally may be intriguing, the rewards seem to be lacking. Apart from maybe unlocking new characters, decorating your kingdom isn’t something that most users will be too interested in. Some players, however, will enjoy competing against friends in fighting to climb up the leaderboard.

OK Start by Nintendo

Nintendos first game into the world of iOS mobile gaming is a great effort which can be seen in the amazing gameplay and styling of the game. There are a few low points like the mushroom kingdom which we could all do without. I was expecting less of this game. I did feel that it would just be another game in which Nintendo uses nostalgia to lure you into buying a somewhat average game. Overall it is a good game that people will spend hours playing.

  • Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run
  • Super Mario Run


A great iOS game that has the potential to be played and enjoyed for a long time. Its arcade-style nature and one handed play makes it a great go-to game for times when waiting in ques or bathroom breaks.

Good Gameplay
Quick Arcade modes
Nice Graphics and Design

Tedious Mushroom Kingdom Mode


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