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  • FullVision Display
  • Headphone Jack
  • Wide Angle Camera


  • Fragile Glass Design
  • Older Generation Chip

The LG G6 is a stunning 2017 flagship smartphone manufactured by South Korean company LG. It is one of the first smartphones of 2017 to feature a near Bezel-less display. LG calls this its FullVision display and it not only looks magnificent, but it is a dream to multi-task within its 18:9 aspect ratio.

It has been almost a year since the release of the smartphone, but seeing that there are some great deals available on this unit at the moment, I felt I should share my experience when owning this epic smartphone.

The LG G6: Flying High Like a G6

Unlike some of its predecessors, the G6 can be referenced to the G6 plane without hesitation. It is a smartphone that can be at home with actual G6 Jet owners. We finally see a return to form in the LG G series of flagship smartphones with the LG G6. A series that was earlier on known for producing attractive smartphones.

Things didn’t work out well for LG with the G4 and G5. These were substandard or Mid Tier smartphones at best and simply could not compete with its main rival’s, Samsung, S6 and S7 brilliant smartphones. This is not the case with the LG G6. This is a fully specced out smartphone with the looks to take on the best in the game in the smartphone world.


The display on the G6 is perhaps the most impressive feature on this smartphone. LG has managed to fit a 5.7 inch LCD screen into a smartphone that is around the same size of an iPhone. So what you get is a screen that is larger than the screen of an iPhone 8 plus tucked into the body of a phone the size of an iPhone 8.

The display is very clear and very real. Real in the sense that it does not feel animated like most smartphones, especially iPhones. At times it feels as if you are looking at a printed out picture of your home screen. All of this may sound weird, but in short, LG has done an amazing job in creating this wonderful LCD screen that is very close to being on par with modern day OLED displays.

LG is calling the G6’s 18:9 (or 2:1) aspect ratio screen a “FullVision” screen. There is almost no Bezel on the sides with just a small chin at the bottom and a small bit of bezel at the top. The 18:9 allows for a slim yet longer screen. This is perfect for one-handed use and is also comfortable to hold when compared to larger phones.

The 18:9 screen can also be separated into 2 perfectly orientated squares which will allow for seamless multitasking. Watching a Youtube video in the top square while checking out your Twitter timeline at the bottom is a somewhat addictive experience. Multitasking on Android is a fairly new yet well-received feature that is catching on at the moment. A feature that is handled superbly on the LG G6.


Solid and Snappy Android Nougat performance, as you would expect from a modern day flagship. You wouldn’t even notice the fact that the G6 is running on an older Snapdragon 821 processor. LG made the decision not to wait any longer for the latest Snapdragon 835 chip. This would have seriously delayed the release of the G6. Instead, LG chose to go with the older chip in order to be the first manufacturer to show off its new FullVision Display.

The Snapdragon 821 chip is well complemented by its 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM with an Adreno 530 GPU. All this is powered by a 3300mAh battery that can be fast charged via its USB Type C port. The included Qualcomm fast charge 3.0 feature will charge your LG G6 from zero to about 70% within an Hour.

The LG G6 does significantly well in terms of battery life. A Full charge will take around 100 minutes. Once fully charged you will be able to enjoy just over 5 hours of screen time. These are decent numbers considering that the G6 is running on an older chip. The Snapdragon 835 chip has some great new battery efficiency features. LG has done well here to optimise the tried and tested 821 chip against Android 7.

LG G6 Night Photo Gateway Mall Durban
The G6 Performs OK in darker settings

The Cameras

The Dual Rear cameras above the fingerprint sensor not only give the G6 wide angle picture taking capabilities. But from some angles, it looks a bit like a shocked face! The 16MP and 13MP cameras is also another strong point of the LG G6. Not only will you be able to take stunning pictures that are high in detail, but you can shoot them in wide angle mode.

The option to switch instantly from Normal to Wide Angle mode is an absolute delight. You can easily spend all day at your favorite beach or park setting taking epic wide-angle shots of your friends and family. The front camera is also a wide angle camera and can be just as epic when taking selfies.

LG G6 Stanger

LG G6 Stanger
Wide Angle VS Normal Mode

Low light shooting is also quite fair with the LG G6. I took some great first pics at the mall in the evening and was happy with the result. My main issue is with the front camera which is very poor, even in good lighting. Video recording is great and fun too. The camera app has a manual mode that allows you to superzoom into subjects. Kinda like how its done in old school movies.

Minitown Durban LG G6 pic of Ballito Beach


The LG G6 is definitely one of the best smartphones of 2017. It revolutionized the 18:9 FullVision screens that have become so much the norm now. It also showed us how much fun a wide-angle camera can be on a smartphone. All this packed into a sleek, slim, and sexy package.

Not long after the release of the LG G6, Samsung released their S8 that simply blew the competition away. The main competition is the G6 which LG did just not invest and market well enough. The LG G6 is a much more fun and solid device when compared to the S8. But the S8 is the choice for most people for only a few small reasons.

It will take LG a few more years until they can become superior to the Samsung Galaxy range. But they will have to become much more aggressive in their marketing campaign in order to achieve this. It is understandable that they didn’t choose to invest too much in the G6, given their previous failures in this department. But the G6 is certainly a great big step in the right direction here.

Should you get one?

I honestly without a doubt do recommend that you buy this phone. You will not be disappointed at all. It is a proper flagship beauty that is currently selling at a very reasonable price. The reason for the drop in prices is that the LG G6 did not perform as well as LG hoped it would. Also, we are at the tail end of the G6’s run. We should expect a follow-up model soon.

If you are someone who wants a flagship on a budget and is not too worried about being totally up to date with software and specs, then this will be a great buy. The hardware and software aren’t too old and should carry you for a few more good years. LG have stated their interest in regards to updating the G6 to Android Oreo. But this hasn’t happened as yet and it has been about 6 months since Oreo did come out.

If you are not a budget, then you can consider the LG V30 which is a bigger and better version of the G6. And if you don’t mind waiting for a short while then the follow up to the G6 will be out shortly as well as the Samsung Galaxy S9. Rumors are that LG might be dropping the G series entirely. So we may never see the G7 but some other replacement. I think this is a great move because the G series has an unstable reputation at the moment.

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LG G6 Review
  • 8.9/10
    LG G6 Review - 8.9/10


This is certainly LG’s best smartphone to date. It is very hard to find faults in the LG G6. It may not be as up to date with the rest of the 2017 lineup of smartphones in terms of Hardware and Software. But it sure does the job and is still a fun phone.

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