Tech News Roundup Feb 2018

It was a good month here at 2 Minute Reviews. I had achieved my goal of posting content on a daily basis. It is such a good feeling, creating something and then releasing it to the world. I love what I do here on this website and I plan to keep going at it. Besides reviews, I have tried out other formats such as Tech News and Consumer Advice editorials. I plan to introduce additional formats such as tutorials and advice editorials.

I have an abundance of experience in my 36 years of being on this earth. I have relocated to many locations in South Africa and I have spent tons of time with people and families from very different walks of life. My experience ranges from Administration to IT to mobile operating systems to Audio DJ and many more. I hope I can be of service to anyone that needs assistance in their lives with my tutorials.

Please do get in touch with me if you require help with anything and I will do my best to assist you. Please also let me know if you would want to contribute to 2 Minute Reviews. Ok, so on with the highlights of this month.

Tech News Roundup Feb 2018

Feb 2018 was a decent month for Tech News. Apple finally released their HomePod, Elon Musk Shot 2 rockets into space, Altos Oddysey is released to critical Acclaim, and Deadpool dropped a better trailer for his sequel movie that releases soon in May. Let’s take a quick look at some of these highlights.

Alto’s Oddysey

This week saw the release of Alto’s Odyssey, the sequel to the successful endless runner snowboarding game named Alto’s Adventure. The original was known for its sublime, minimal graphics and elegant, yet simple gameplay. Players gravitated to this game mostly because the experience was serene and calm, the opposite of what most runners are.

We all begged for a new updated version of the game. And now, Finally, 3 years later, we get Alto’s Odyssey. And from initial first reviews, it seems like the game was worth the wait! Stay tuned because I will definitely get my hands on this game sometime soon.

SpaceX Launches 2 Rockets into Space

Falcon Heavy Rocket
Elon Musk Space X Tesla

Elon Musk and his team at SpaceX launched a Falcon Heavy Rocket into space. The payload was a bizarre one at that. A Tesla Roadster that had a dummy in a spacesuit in the driver’s seat. The aptly named Starman dummy is now cruising the cosmos with a Hotwheels Tesla roadster on his dash. His initial course was for Mars, but it seems that they overshot the planned trajectory and will not make it there

This launched may have seemed more like a large PR stunt because Musk also owns Tesla. But the man did put a car in space.

And just yesterday the team at SpaceX were at it again. This time, launching 3 satellites into space. A PAZ satellite funded by Spain and 2 internet-based satellites. Musk plans to launch as many satellites as possible in order to bring fast broadband internet to the world.

Apple HomePod

Apple Finally unveiled their latest product. It is a smart speaker called the Apple HomePod. The HomePod is certainly an achievement in audio engineering. It is a relatively small speaker that pushes out amazing distortion-free 360 degrees of sound. It consists of a large subwoofer at the top with 7 speakers and 6 microphones at the bottom.

Even at full volume, Siri will be able to hear your voice commands, which is very impressive. But what isn’t impressive is the HomePods smart functionality. it is very limited and even the music is very limited to Apple users. This, unfortunately, is the reason the HomePod has been in the news so much lately. It is an exclusive product that belongs deep within the Apple ecosystem.

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