The Apple Ecosystem

I big reason for buying a Google Pixel 2 smartphone is its camera. Most people buy a Samsung because it is a well-built smartphone with plenty of features. But we seem to get very common responses from Apple smartphone owners. And that response is The Apple Ecosystem.

So what is the Apple Ecosystem? Why is it so powerful that it actually aids a consumer heavily in their purchasing decision? Let’s take a further look into this ecosystem and find out.

I have written about a topic similar to this in a previous post. I also stumbled across a simple yet effective video below that quickly explains the Apple Ecosystem below.

The Apple Ecosystem

Perfect explanation of the Apple Ecosystem courtesy of Marques Brownlee. Please give the video a like and subscribe to the MKBHD YouTube channel. You can also keep up with Marques on his social networks.

You don’t have to be a fan of Apple products to appreciate what they have accomplished in regards to building an entire ecosystem of products that communicate with each other. At the centre of that ecosystem is the iPhone. Its no wonder an iPhone will be the focal point because in most cases a smartphone is a person most important piece of tech. But to have that smartphone seamlessly communicate with all of your other tech devices on both hardware and software is a thing of beauty.

I first experienced this when my iPhone was my daily driver. My iPhone was in the bedroom charging when it started to ring. I was in the lounge busy on my iPad. Next thing I Know, my iPad is also ringing and its the same call from the iPhone. I had my headphones connected to the iPad so when I answered I just continued to talk away. And this was a normal cellular call, not an internet call such as facetime or WhatsApp.

I still till this day use Airdrop, a quick file sharing system between Apple devices. I use my older generation iPhone to record time-lapse and take pics and vids. Then I use airdrop to transfer these docs over to my iPad, which I use to video edit. The process is so quick and simple it certainly beats having to use a computer to transfer the files.

Apple Device Play Well Together

This seamless integration is also available on iMac and MacBook devices. You can message, take calls, Airdrop, and facetime from your Macbook. I big reason for most creative people to own a MacBook is that of the video editing software Final Cut Pro. Musicians also love Macbooks for the Digital Audio Workstation called Logic Pro.

So if you are part of the group of people that own a MacBook and iPhone and iPad, you will be able to appreciate the seamless integration between the devices. It goes much deeper as well on a software level. Your iCloud account controls notifications and calendar events as well as contacts. When you edit an event or contact on one device, it will be updated on all the devices.

Now Apple has answered their customers calls by producing audio accessories such as the HomePod and Airport. You only have to connect an Airpod once to your iPhone, it will then automatically connect to any other device after that. This is because the initial sync settings get stored on your iCloud account and transferred to all your devices.

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Downsides To The Apple Ecosystem

The Major Downsides to the Apple ecosystem is the restrictions and price. Apple manufactures both the hardware and software of their devices. They also strictly curate the apps that appear on their App Store. Even dropping music and video onto your iPad or iPhone has to be done by their proprietary iTunes software. Now, the latest HomePod will only play music from an Apple device. The HomePod will also only stream from the Apple Music service.

We all know how outpriced Apple products are. Yes, you can justify every cent spent on an Apple product. But because Apple has created this Magnificent ecosystem, it now means they can ask for more money. And Apple customers will pay top Dollar to remain in that ecosystem. The Apple ecosystem feels very much like an exclusive technology club at the moment.

So Do you think the Apple ecosystem plays a large role in a consumers purchase decision? Let me know in the comments below.

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