The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 sees the return of the paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren (based on real life characters). It is the sequel to ‘The Conjuring’, a 2013 supernatural horror movie. Unlike the first movie, this movie is based in 1978 England, were we follow the Warrens who assist the Hodgson family in eradicating an evil paranormal treat which is occupying their home.


  • Vera Farmiga
  • Patrick Wilson
  • Frances O’Connor
  • Madison Wolfe
  • Simon McBurney


  • James Wan

First Impressions

I really loved the first movie. I have always been a fan of James Wan’s Horror movies. My personal favourite being Insidious. Wan has an unusual and creepy style of storytelling (in which the baddies usually hop out of dark corners to scare you) as opposed to the usual blood, gore and decapitation of most horror flicks nowadays.

After just watching Insidious Chapter 3 (first insidious movie not directed by Wan) which raised the bar a bit more for me, I wasn’t expecting much more from The Conjuring 2. But their VR trailer certainly got my attention.


Trailer Release Date – 26 March 2016

I wasn’t completely sold on this trailer. It felt like it was not cut properly and it made the movie feel like it is a cheap horror flick ($40 million estimated budget). It certainly wasn’t the case when I did eventually go and watch it.

So why did I put in the effort to go and see this movie? 2 reasons:-
1. I haven’t seen a horror movie in a Cinema in a long time and
2. The Conjuring 2 Virtual Reality Experience 360 video!

It’s so far the coolest 360 video I have seen on YouTube (released about 2 weeks prior to the movie). You get to explore The Hodgson’s Enfield council house. The 360 view allows you to look around the house and also to ‘look away’ when a creepy ghost is present. I watched this in the office with a few of my colleges behind me and they also jumped in terror for a few parts in that video.

Spoiler Free Review

A friend and I watched the movie at a cinema that was almost fully booked. We had to sit right up front. I was very psyched up to see the movie and she was uhh, let’s say not as psyched! The movie starts off with Wan’s signature creepy style score and visuals (this is just the production logos at the start of the movie!) which already puts you into that frightened mode.

The Conjuring 2 Review

The opening scene is nicely executed in a way that it is not too over the top and plays as a bit of a recap to the previous movie reminding you of what the Warrens do and are capable off. Much of the focus is on Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) in the first half of the Warrens storyline. Vera delivers a brilliant performance which she carries out throughout the movie. Her husband, Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) plays more of a supporting role initially but has a stronger part to play in the story as the movie progresses. This is evidence of a well-written script which is also expertly executed by Patrick Wilson, who’s performance is strong and sweet.

A Well Done Period Movie

The Conjuring 2 ReviewWe cut to 1977 (1 year later). The setting, this time is London, England with the focus being on the Hodgson family and their home. The primary character here is Janet Hodgson (Madison Wolfe). Janet, the second oldest of 4 siblings, is the one who is most affected by the haunting. The kids live with their divorced mom, Peggy (Frances O’Connor) in a council house in the Brimsdown neighbourhood of Enfield.

Out of all 5 characters, Madison Wolfe’s performance shines the most. She excels during intense scenes and also maintains the right level of creepiness during the more suttle scenes. She was amazing in this movie.The mom (played by Frances) gave a more average performance by just sticking to the basics and not really bringing in much more to the movie. It seems like the other 3 siblings Job was to just be cute and fill in a gap in the story. There really wasn’t much for them to do and there also was very little written for them.

The rest of the characters of this movie are very straightforward and the actors don’t do much justice by just sticking to the script and not adding more to the movie. Except for Simon McBurney who plays a British Paranormal Investigator who seems to be out of his league. He at least gives us a sweet warm performance whilst Franka Potente acting feels like a bit of a wasted effort.

Great work from the Actors and Production team

The other stars of this show have to be the Cinematography, Soundtrack and Effects. Wan uses some sweet technics and camera tricks which help to emphasise the horror in every scene. We see a transformation of a human into a poltergeist, this is done in a slow pace in the background of the frame as we focus on Patrick Wilson speaking to the ghost. This felt like a good period movie based in the late 70’s. The clothing and props were brilliant and authentic. There was a mint condition Golf 1 in the street! The music was very appropriate too. The Special Effects seemed to be of a higher standard than Wan’s previous movies and the were also well executed and suited the movie.

This movie not only rides the high of the previous movie, but also elevates the series to a new level. It is clearly evident that the director and the actors have put in an extraordinary effort in making this a good movie. I highly recommend that you watch this movie in the theater for maximum thrills and frights.

  • 8/10
    The Conjuring 2 - 8/10


A Well Acted, Visually Stunning Thriller. A must see if you are into Horror Movies. Not to everyones taste. Will be a great movie to watch this Halloween.

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