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The Disaster Artist is a movie based on a Book that was written about the making of a movie. It stars the Franco brothers, James and Dave Franco who play two friends, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero as they set off on a journey to become movie stars in Hollywood.

The Disaster Artist is based on a book of the same name written by Greg Sestero. That book documents the making of the cult classic movie, The Room, which was written and directed by Wiseau. The Room was meant to be a serious drama but turned out to be more comedic due to its poor acting and production.

The Disaster Artist is so good, it actually is everything The Room was supposed to be and more. It is a sweet indie biographical drama that’s factual, funny, sad, and most of all, inspiring. This is not a movie that anyone was expecting to be released. The movie was announced literally out of the blue. I am so glad this happened and I know you will be too.

The Disaster Artist Review – Spoilers

The Disaster Artist is based on real life. In my review, I will talk about the movie and about the incidents in real life. If you know the true story of Tommy Wiseau, then most of my review will not be spoiler material.

Tommy and Greg are two friends who meet in acting class out in San Fransisco. They both agree to set out and become movie stars in Los Angeles. So they leave to stay in an apartment that Tommy owns in LA. Greg took his newfound acting career seriously and was in and out of gigs for a few years with no genuine prospect. Tommy’s luck worsened which made him frustrated. This is when Greg and Tommy decide to make their own movie.

The movie was completely financed by Tommy, who has an unlimited reserve of cash. It cost him $6 million dollars to make. Apart from producing, Tommy also wrote the script and directed The Room. The initial making of the movie went well. The DIsaster Artist does a great job in showing us how the two actors were finding their feet as they were filming.

WarningJust like the movie, the trailer also has some weird content.

Capturing the Moment

The movie also does a great job at showing us how everything began to fall apart. How Tommy felt betrayed by his best friend in real life, and how he began to start sabotaging his own movie. Against all odds, The Room was completed and released in one cinema.

At the time, Tommy and Greg’s relationship was at its lowest point because of their differences in both the movie and real life. At the movie premiere, the crowd that watched The Room for the first time laughed at the movie in its entirety. Tommy was upset because he meant this movie to be a serious drama and not a comedy. The Disaster Artist does an amazing job at showing Tommy’s distress at being laughed at early on in the movie.

At this low point, the point was people are laughing at Tommy’s movie. His friend Greg came to his rescue by assuring him that the crowd is having fun and that they love the movie. Tommy accepts this and graciously walks onto the stage with his friend to enjoy the moment.

What Made The Room Great?

The Room was intended to be a Drama and turned out to be more of a black comedy. This is mostly due to the script, director, and production being spearheaded by one very eccentric man, Tommy Wiseau. The Room is probably the worst film ever made, and because of that, the movie has achieved major cult status.

The Room generated $1800 during its theatrical release against its $6 million budget. But has since past that budget in earnings due to the movie being played at midnight screenings across the globe. Till this day there are movie and TV screenings of The Room, which also has steady DVD and Blu Ray sales.

Should You Watch The Disaster Artist?

The Disaster Artist almost perfectly captures the essence of the time when these two friends embarked on their journey to become movie stars. There are plenty of cringy moments, and I honestly didn’t expect the movie to overwhelm me the way it did. But everything is well held together by the superb acting, especially from the Franco Brothers.

James Franco is absolutely amazing as Tommy Wiseau. He truly captures the complete eccentric style and mystery of the character. Tommy is so mysterious that no one knows where he is from and where he got all that money from. Dave Franco also holds the movie together with a strong, solid performance. He was calm and calculated in contrast to his brother’s strange performance. This brought balance to The Disaster Artist.

Please do watch, even if you don’t know anything about the original movie or Tommy Wiseau. The story is so fascinating, it will have you rushing out to watch the original movie as well as reading the book.

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  • 7.2/10
    The Disaster Artist - 7.2/10


The Disaster Artist is as weird an as eccentric as Tommy Wiseau. Yet the movie is sweet, modest, and interesting enough to keep you glued to the screen. The first half is really slow. But things get really interesting in the second half of the movie.

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