The Essential Phone Limited Edition Colors Are Amazing

The Essential Phone quickly became one of the top smartphones of 2017. It also quickly dropped off that list and into trouble due to its weak sales performance. There’s plenty of variables that attribute to the failure of the Essential Phone. But one thing for sure is that it is Not the design. And now, after a long wait, we finally get to see the new Essential Phone Limited Edition Colors. And they are amazing.

The Essential Phone Limited Edition Colors Are Amazing

The limited edition colours are:-

  • Copper Black
  • Stellar Gray
  • Ocean Depths

We initially heard of the Ocean Depths teal and copper colour scheme around the launch of the Essential phone. This colour is definitely not something anyone would have requested. So finally it has been released and it is surprisingly glorious! This magical Blue-Green combo adds to the exquisite ceramic minimal design. The Essential Phone’s design is so minimal that there is no company logo on the phone.

The Copper-Black is a gloss black finish with copper trim along the sides. This is the obvious fingerprint magnet of the lot. But the combination of the Gloss Black and copper makes for a very luxurious and sexy design theme. The Stellar Gray in contrast to the Copper Black has a matte black finish with a matte trim.

There is also another new colour available exclusively on Amazon. This is the Halo Gray colour which is a gloss charcoal with silver trim.

Should You Re-Consider the Essential Phone?

I have spoken about the Essential Phone before. It is very much a niche smartphone with an emphasis on design. It features a near stock Android experience that is close to moving over to the latest Android 8.0 software. The new colours and reduced price make this smartphone a very enticing choice.

The main drawbacks, however, are that the company that makes the Essential Phone are actually busy at work on their next smartphone release. As it is the support for the Essential Phone was limited, now it may possibly worsen due to the most effort being driven into the new smartphone.

What also makes the decision to go for a smartphone like this is that there is so much of competition out there at the moment at the same price point. And there are so many new great smartphones being released this year. But if you are into weird exclusivity, then the Essential Phone may still be for you.

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