The Nebula Capsule By Anker – A Movie Theater in a Can!

The Nebula Capsule By Anker is an extremely portable projector. It is about the size of a can and will fit in your pocket. What makes this device so powerful is its insane amount of features. When I first saw this projector, I wasn’t at all enticed because I never really felt the need to own a projector. But after watching the video below, I can tell you I’m sold!

The Nebula Capsule By Anker

An awesome video detailing all of the advantages of owning a Nebula Capsule. Please do hit the like button on the vid as well as subscribe to Dave 2D’s YouTube channel. You can also keep in touch with Dave on all of his social channels here:-

Dave perfectly describes his favourite experiences with the projector in his statement below:-

The Nebula Capsule mini projector has a built in 360 degrees speaker, a screen that can comfortably scale up to 100 inches and the battery lasts around 4 hours. You can control the Nebula Capsule with your smartphone but it works perfectly fine without one connected. Pair this mini projector with a mini SNES for an awesome retro gaming experience!

The Nebula Capsule By Anker is a projector that has wireless support for Bluetooth and WiFi (Airplay and Miracast are supported as well). The device can function as a projector and a Bluetooth speaker. You can get up to 40 hours of music playback from its 5200mAh battery. Also, anything can be connected to the projector courtesy of the HDMI and USB input. You can either play content of a USB drive or connect a gaming console such as an Xbox One or a SNES gaming system like in the video above.

The Nebula Capsule has a Quad Core Smartphone Chip which allows it to run its Android 7.0 operating system. It is a slimmed down version of the popular OS and has limited streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube available. The only real big downside to this device is that it does not have support for HD video. The highest resolution you will get out of this is 480p. Because it is a projector, you try out different angles to get the best view.


Here is a fully comprehensive list of specifications from the Nebula press release:-

● Display chip: 0.2”FWVGA DLP
● Resolution: 854 x 480
● Brightness: 100 ANSI lumens
● Throw ratio: 1.3:1
● Contrast: 400:1
● LED Life:30000 hours
● Internal speakers: 5W
● Bluetooth Speaker: Support
● Bluetooth out: Support
● Capacity: 5200mAh, 3.85V
● Battery life: 2.5 hours video playtime in battery mode
● Battery life: 40 hours music playtime in Bluetooth speaker mode
● Quick Charge 2.0
● Screen size: 20”–100”
● Screen Distance: 0.98–3.08m
● Keystone Correction: Auto(vertical ±40°)
● WiFi: 2.4G/5G (802.11a/b/g/n)
● Bluetooth: BLE 4.0/A2DP
● AirPlay: Supported
● Miracast: Supported
● CPU: Quad Core A7 Smartphone Chipset
● OS: Android 7.0
● High:4.72in
● Diameter:2.67in
● Weight:14.8oz

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