The Punisher Is the MCU’s Most Perfect Show Yet

The Punisher is the latest collaboration between Marvel and Netflix. A collaboration that has since spawned 6 seasons of breathtaking superhero action and drama that is so close to the source material. What we got was a fusion of Netflix’s new age production values and Marvel’s legendary superhero stories. But along with all that grandeur, there has been a lot of mixed feelings and reviews towards these shows.

Thankfully, The Punisher series is nothing like its Defender counterparts. The show does not suffer the same issues and drawbacks as the other Marvel Netflix shows. Read on as I talk about these drawbacks from the previous series and how Frank Castle and the amazing crew from The Punisher managed to dodge them.

The Punisher Is an Almost Perfect Show

As far as things go in Netflix’s MCU, The Punisher may as well be a perfect show. My only real gripe about this show is its soundtrack. Besides that, everything is on point. The biggest problem with the other shows is that they play things so close to reality, but then they jump in and out of fantasy land. This is hard for a viewer to take in because he is trying to watch a serious show about fantasy superhero characters who can pick up cars and punch through walls.

The Punisher doesn’t suffer from this on-screen problem, a problem that even the best screenwriting cannot really fix. This is because The Punisher doesn’t have any superpowers. He just does whatever he can to serve justice to his enemies. The only thing that is a bit unbelievable about this is the number of beatings Frank Castle takes in this show, which is a lot! I can’t imagine a human being surviving all of this.

Nothing Like The Defenders

The other shows such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist, suffered from issues related to pacing, storytelling, too many subplots, etc. The Punisher’s showrunner, Steve Lightfoot, does an excellent job of making sure that his show stays clear of these problems. Steve Lightfoot is best known for his work on Hannibal. Hannibal is a critically acclaimed NBC series. A series that I hold very close to my heart and is still one of my favorites.

The pacing of The Punisher is great, except for a slight dip in the middle. There is barely any subplots in this series. And the few that are there build up to a point where they seamlessly join the main plot to create a very satisfying climax. An example of this is the “Lewis storyline” in which a young veteran is struggling to fit back into society after serving in the military.

Jon Bernthal is Amazing!

I am a huge fan of Jon Bernthal and his serious, edgy, and gripping methods of acting. He embraces the role of Frank Castle superbly and takes this character to depths that we have never seen. The writing is amazing and there are so many small bits of truths and ideals in the script that make this show feel so real. An example is Jon as Frank Castle pulling of the pain for trying to live a normal life after what he has gone through.

I have tried to keep this article as spoiler free as I could. I hope you do watch the show. It is an amazing addition to this series and I hope that the rest of the shows follow suit. Please be warned, this show is extremely gruesome and gritty. It is certainly not for the faint-hearted!

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