Things You Should Know Before Buying a Samsung S9

Samsungs Galaxy S9 smartphone does not have that many design changes from the previous years S8 model. Instead, Samsung has improved on this design by addressing the shortcomings of the S8. So here are some of those changes and a few reasons to buying a Samsung S9

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Samsung S9

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There are very little differences between the S9 and S9+. I have touched upon this in a previous post. With the Samsung S9 Plus, you will get an extra screen, RAM, and Battery.

The Samsung Dex Pad makes it possible to work on your smartphone the way you would on a PC or Laptop. The experience is similar to Razers Project Linda and Chromebooks.

Video recording on the S9 is from 720p right up to 4K. There is a Super Slo-Mo mode available on the S9. It has a smart feature that allows it to automatically configure the video according to the movement that it detects.

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