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I finally got to watch Thor Ragnarok, an epic Marvel Superhero movie. It is one of the latest Blu Ray releases that was in my queue of movies to watch. And my oh my, this is such an incredibly fun and exciting movie. Thor Ragnarok is exactly what Thor needed. The movie totally revamps and energises an ageing Thor character who was beginning to be more run of the mill than exciting.

Thor Ragnarok is also a testament to Marvel Studio’s continuous innovation on delivering outstanding iterations of their superhero stories. Whilst also maintaining immaculate continuity. Also, the Hulk was awesome yet again in this movie!

Thor Ragnarok Review – Mild Spoilers

The movie is set among Earth, Asgaard, and the planet Sakaar. Thor ties up loose ends from previous movies in regards to his Brother Loki and father Odin. The results of this are the appearance of Hela, Goddess of Death. Hela is an unstoppable force that is even more powerful than Thor and Loki. Her plan is to reclaim Asgard and while doing so she drops off Thor and Loki at the planet Sakaar.

At this point of the movie, we see Thor being brought down to his rock bottom level and they transformed and reinvented into the true God of Thunder. No more hammer to help him fight, he must harness the power of lightning within himself. But first, Thor has to battle a guy from work!

The movie has a strange premise and it has various different plot points. As the audience, we are also continuously moved from location to location. But a lot of this doesn’t matter because the screenwriting and the acting are so on point. It doesn’t matter where the next scene is, you get so hooked into these wonderful characters that are full of fun with tones of jokes and comedic parts.

Thor Ragnarok Teaser Trailer – Probably one of the most epic trailers of last year. Marvel not only constantly revolutionises their movies, but they continue to surprise audiences and fans with their amazing teaser trailers. The song (Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song) in the trailer is so perfect. I didn’t even think that this song would make it to the final movie. But it is featured heavily during some intense fighting sequences.

Brilliant Performances

Almost every actor stole the show. Even the guys in smaller parts like Jeff Goldblum and Karl Urban. Also the director, Waititi played a rememberable role as Korg. The best part is that it seems like all the actors were able to perform a solid script. But the director Taika Waititi states that 80% of this movie was improvised.

In Thor Ragnarok, we get to witness the return of Hulk. Hulk’s arc in this movie is excellent, as it is based on the Planet Hulk Storyline from the comics. The story consists of Hulk completely shutting out Bruce Banner and continuing with life just being the Hulk. It is a very personal and sincere story that somehow manages to find its way into this movie. Like I mentioned before, there is so much happening, but it all works because of the magic Marvel formula.

Cate Blanchett is brilliant as the villain Hela. Her character is terrifying and menacing with absolutely no remorse. I also love her fight scenes. Scenes in which she destroys entire armies and worlds. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston reprise their roles expertly as they continue with their newly evolved characters.

Should You Watch Thor Ragnarok?

Thor Ragnarok is a movie that gives the audience so much of value in terms of action, comedy, and storytelling. There are so many great funny moments in this movie. It would have been so easy for this movie to fall apart due to so much of comedic moments which are also evident during serious moments. But the Cast and Crew of Thor Ragnarok do a very impressive job of making everything work.

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  • 8.4/10
    Thor Ragnarok - 8.4/10


Another Brilliant and Fresh Marvel Superhero adventure that overhauls the Thor Character into a more modern and updated superhero. There are various story arcs and plots that might seem complicated for a lot of people. But the movie is held together by some excellent screenwriting and acting.

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