The Ulefone Power 3

It’s So early in 2018 and we are greeted with another new Chinese smartphone release. This time it’s from Ulefone, a company that is slowly rising u the ranks of Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Ulefone has released their 3rd iteration of its line of Power devices which feature a large battery. Read on for more specs and features on the Ulefone Power 3 and its monster 6080mAh battery.

The Ulefone Power 3

Chinese smartphones are always elegantly displayed on online stores. But what you get in the physical form usually differs from the actual ads. Some manufacturers even go as far as to Photoshop the design of their products. But this isn’t so much so the case here with Ulefone. I honestly did not hear of an incident where a Ulefone device had physically differed from what was advertised. I do know that Doogee can at times be sneaky this way.

Everything seems to be fine with the Ulefone Power 3 in the video. But it seems that the quality of the components, such as speaker and screen is not on par with other industry-leading smartphone manufacturers.


The Ulefone Power 3 has some serious specs for a phone that costs just over $200. The biggest (pun not intended) feature is that big 6080mAh battery. The battery will reportedly last for 4 days of normal usage. You can also get out 63 hours of talk time!

The Ulefone Power 3 also comes with the companies Fast Charge 4.0 feature. In about 30 minutes of charging, the battery will have enough juice to last a whole day. The entire battery will take just 2 hours to fully charge up, insane figures!

Ulefone Power 3 Features

Do you think this will be a good phone? Are you someone who doesn’t mind a bulky phone because you need extra battery life? Please do let me know in the comments section below…

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