Unboxing an Incredible $20000 Smartphone

The latest iPhone 7 and Samsung S7 are prob the most ridiculously priced (not as ridiculous as a $20000 Smartphone) mobile phones on the market today. It’s hard justifying the purchase of these phones, especially when there are so many other great handsets available for a fraction of the price. I do agree with those who say that the cheaper Android handsets out there on the market cannot compare with the likes of the S7 in terms of quality. But with a great insurgence of fantastic high-quality products coming from China (Huawei and Xiaomi), it is hard to stand by that last statement.

So how exactly do you justify a $20000 Smartphone? You don’t. Because it is just a statement that will end the above argument. Because the Sirin Solarin Android smartphone is in an entirely different league when compared to your favorite Android smartphone. But who exactly will buy this? Presidents? International Spy or Secret Agents? Does Mark Zuckerberg use the Sirin Solarin to browse Facebook? Whatever the case may be, Sirin has stated that their customers are indeed “very, very smart people.”

Sirin Solarin

Unboxing an Incredible $20000 Smartphone

Check out this video of this dude (Lewis Hilsenteger) who has the great pleasure of Unboxing the Sirin Solarin $20,000 Smartphone.

The packaging most definitely suits the outrageous price tag. From the sample pictures, you can see that the front and rear cameras are very high quality. The switch at the back activates a cyber secure mode which only allows for outgoing calls and encrypted messaging. It also disables various hardware features of the phone making it a very basic device which you can use to just make calls. The model in the video was equipped with a black (carbon fiber) and gold case.

But How Great Are Those Specs?

the Sirin Solarin has amazing specs. More than double the Power of your standard Android device. 4GB of RAM, 128GB internal storage, and a 23.8 Megapixel rear camera! The nonremovable 4040mAh battery powers the Solarin smartphone. That’s way bigger than the S7’sĀ 3000mAh battery. It is also the reason why the phone is so big and bulky.


Is It as Cool as the Price Warrants It to Be?

The coolest part about this phone is its “Matrix Style” operating system. and that switch at the back that puts the phone into a full-on secure lockdown mode. That’s next level spy stuff right there! The company also seems to be pushing the whole “privacy” issue with this phone, making it a leader in the field of mobile privacy. I initially thought that this was unique to this phone, but I found out that you can install android apps that can make a normal smartphone behave similarly to the Solarin.

If Privacy really is your issue and a major factor in buying a phone, then you can actually consider the $800 Blackphone. An Android smartphone with modified secure software and OS. The carbon fiber and gold finishing are lovely and out of this world. But doesn’t necessary back up that hefty price tag. Which kind of brings us back to the initial point I made in the first paragraph. How much better is a Samsung S7 when compared to a Xiaomi Mi5. And how much better is the Solarin when compared to the S7?

You will probably find this phone in the hands of people who have too much money. Like Lewis says in the video, “It’s the phone to match the Bently!”

Sirin Solarin

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