Using an iPad Mini 2 in 2018

The iPad Mini 2 is the superb follow up to the sleeper hit iPad Mini. The main reason that the iPad Mini was a hit was that of its truly ergonomic size. A smaller, more compact iPad than runs all the apps a normal iPad would run. Not to mention cheap. A great accomplishment indeed. But does that accomplishment transfer to using an iPad Mini 2 in 2018?

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The iPad Mini 2

The iPad Mini 2 was released late in 2012. It was labelled as the true iPad Mini because of its much-improved specs. It has an A7 chip, similar to the chip that is on an iPad Air or iPhone 5S. The previous gen iPad Mini ran with the A5 chip which was from the OG iPad 2.

The iPad Mini 2 also has a much better 2048 x 1536 resolution Retina Display. The older Mini and iPad 2 didn’t have Retina Display as yet. Reading on these devices have become very difficult as the pixels are evident in the words.

So, a better screen and power inside a well-designed shell. The Mini 2 was so well made that the iPad Mini 3 had next to no real differences. The Mini 3 even has the same chip as the Mini 2. The original iPad continued to sell along with the IPad 2. The iPad Mini 2 however, ran for an extended amount of years and was just only recently taken out of production.

The reason for this was Apple releasing a cheap iPad to replace the iPad Air 2. A refurbished Mini 2 can still be purchased at a reasonable price today. This makes it a good buy as it’s software can be updated to the latest iOS 11. But should you still get one?

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Using an iPad Mini 2 in 2018

Traktor DJ

I came across my iPad Mini 2 on Black Friday back in 2016. It wasn’t an insanely great price, but I did manage to score an excellent Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard perfectly compliments the little iPad Mini.

I updated the iPad Mini 2 to the latest iOS 10 software, which ran reasonably well. All of my favourite apps ran well, especially my DJ apps like Traktor DJ. I actually used my original iPad mini for a long time just to record my DJ mixes. Analyzing music on the original iPad mini was a bit of a hassle as the device did not have the power to do this efficiently.

This task is especially smooth on the iPad Mini 2. And so is plenty of other apps like Safari and Soundcloud. Games also ran very well and are even more enjoyable on the Retina screen. I installed the Native Instruments Maschine 2 app and got going with making beats on my iPad Mini.

The original iPad Mini is stuck on iOS 9 and has some terrible lag, especially when browsing Safari. My new iPad Mini on iOS 10 ran Safari like a Boss! A great buy indeed. I actually began using the iPad Mini 2 as my daily writing device. I loved it so much. But towards the end of 2017, things changed…

The End of a Brilliant Device?

Once iOS 11 came, everything changed. My iPad Mini 2 just wasn’t the same. Yes, I was loving the new OS, especially on my iPhone. I really can’t say the same for the iPad Mini 2. It had reached an OS that it did not have enough power to handle.

Technically that statement is not true. Multitasking and switching between apps and all the new animations and features worked fine. It’s just that the device is handling all these tasks really slow. Much slower than it handled similar tasks during its iOS 10 days.

I had to turn off a whole lot of settings just to make the iPad more usable. I turned off animations and background app refresh and location services in the hopes of using fewer resources. This actually made the device a bit more usable, but the experience was not the same.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

Should you get an iPad Mini 2 now in 2018?

This particular device seems to be at the end of its life cycle. I actually traded in my iPad Mini 2 for a new 6th gen iPad. If you do come across one at a reasonable price, then you can consider getting one for a few reasons only:-

  • Use as a media player for Music and Video
  • Reading books
  • Playing Pokémon GO

You can still game on the device, but most modern games may not be compatible anymore. It’s better to just stick to using the Mini 2 for Spotify, Youtube, and reading. Even internet browsing can get frustrating on this device. You can use the Mini 2 to Play Pokémon Go. The app works great and that large battery is a godsend as it means all day battery on a game that can drain your phone’s battery in a few hours.

If you want to do more with an iPad, I suggest getting a new 6th gen iPad or a cheaper 5th gen iPad. You can opt for a refurbished iPad Mini 4, but that device and processor is going to be 6 years old this year.


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