Using an iPhone 6 in 2018

Most modern power smartphone users only stay with a smartphone for a maximum time of about a year. This makes sense because we are usually treated with new versions of our favourite smartphones every year. But most people are not really into doing this. They would rather just run with the same device for more than a few years. Not only is it economical, but it is convenient too. I personally still use my 2015 iPhone 6 in 2018.

Read on as I share some of my current experiences with this great smartphone. If you are interested in some of the latest smartphone models, then go check out my list of the Top 5 Smartphones of 2017.

Apple Slowing Down Older iPhones

Apple is currently in the middle of a huge scandal in which they are accused of slowing down older iPhones in the hopes of forcing owners to purchase a new iPhone. Well, Apple claim that they do this only for older models in order to further preserve the phones battery life. The company has now given its customers the option to replace the battery on their old iPhone at a reduced rate.

My 2 and a half-year-old iPhone 6 is still going strong. Just like my 4 and a half-year-old iPad mini. Apple is known to make products that last. Apple puts in a lot of effort to ensure that their products do not become obsolete after just a few years. They do this by using premium materials in their products and also by allowing these older generation devices to update to the latest Operating System.

Refurbished iPhones

So, does it makes sense to go ahead with a cheap battery upgrade to a more than capable old phone that’s running new software? You would have probably paid a fortune for your iPhone a few years back. So why not invest a few more bucks now in a battery so that you can continue to use your iPhone for a few more years? There is a drastic difference in price when you compare a refurbished iPhone to an iPhone X.

These are some of the things that I investigate here in the article below. You can skip to the section titled “The iPhone 6 in 2018” if you are looking for more current up to date info. What follows next is a brief history of the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 headphone jack
An iPhone with a headphone jack is a thing of beauty!

The iPhone 6 in 2014

The iPhone 6 was released back in 2014. Apple moved over to a somewhat larger display than they were accustomed to. The previous model, the iPhone 5s had a 4-inch screen as compared to the new iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch screen. Apple also released the iPhone 6 plus alongside the 6 in 2014. The plus had a 5.5-inch screen which was perfect for power users with large hands.

The screen size may have been a major milestone in Apple’s design, but other manufacturers already had screens larger than 4 inches. In fact, most major manufactures always released a “mini” version of their product whereas to compete with the smaller iPhone’s form factor.

The design of the iPhone 6 is is a complete refresh when compared to the iPhone 5s. It is a sleek and sexy uni-body design that features aluminium and glass. Apart from its size, the iPhone 6’s rounded edges are also one of the biggest differences in design when compared to the iPhone 5s. These rounded edges make it seem like the entire phone is one complete piece of hardware.

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What Made the iPhone 6 Amazing?

The iPhone 6 was by no means a revolutionary device. But it sure was One of Apple’s most complete package. It has everything you need, including a headphone jack. The camera with its HD video recording takes beautiful video and pictures. The retina display is bright, clear, and well balanced. The auto-brightness feature is among the best in the business.

But one of the things that made the iPhone 6 great was the Apple iOS ecosystem. Again, iOS is in no way revolutionary when compared to Android. But it’s the quality of the content, such as the apps that would make this device awesome. The exclusive iOS apps are one of the biggest defining factors that separates the iPhone 6 from its competitors.

Exclusive iPhone iOS Apps

For example, exclusive music apps such as Garageband, Pacemaker, and Traktor DJ are some of the most revolutionary music creation and DJ mobile software of this decade. But you can only enjoy this software on an iPhone.

The iPhone 6 was also strongly embedded into many cultures at the time of release. When I first got my hands on my iPhone 6, I was working at a BMW dealership. Everyone was gone crazy over this device. Even the owner of the business, the sales staff, and Admin people were fully into their new phones.

The iPhone 6 in 2018

A good few years later and my trusty old iPhone 6 is still in great shape. I did consider either selling the phone or trading it in. But the price that I will get for the phone will not justify its condition and sentimental value. I really took care of this phone from the day I got it.

The screen may not be up to today’s spec, but that sweet Retina Display of hold still kinda holds up. The screen can get really bright and works very well for outdoor use. I know this all too well because I was using this phone recently to play Pokemon Go outdoors. The 4.7-inch screen looks so much smaller than your average 2017 5.7 inch smartphone screen. But watching Youtube and other videos won’t really be a problem.

Aside from Pokemon Go, I also still use my iPhone 6 in 2018 to video record and take pictures. The 8MP camera is still good and is well complimented by the iOS software. There’s a great app called Hyperlapse (made by Instagram) which is only available on iPhone. I use this to make epic Hyperlapse Videos.

iphone 6 in 2018 gold
Good Looking, Solid Build. Great for 2018.

Power and Speed

Let’s just say that the iPhone has aged gracefully. All compatible apps and games still work perfectly fine on the device. It’s just the time that it takes to switch between and launch apps that make the experience a bit frustrating. Apps like Twitter and Instagram launch instantly on most modern smartphones. But my iPhone 6 does struggle a bit here.

But once you are within an app like Twitter, you will have zero issues. Browsing through the latest tweets and posts will be fine and without any crashes. I can’t really say the same for an iPad Mini 2 with A7 chip. An iPad Mini 2 that is running on iOS 11 will suffer a bit more than an iPhone 6 when handling tasks, and it is considerably slow.


As mentioned earlier, Apple’s iOS ecosystem is absolutely brilliant. All Apple devices seamlessly link up to provide its user with a magnificent experience. But this luxury comes at a price and most recently, with no practicality (no headphone jack). That’s why getting a used or refurbished iPhone 6 does make a lot of sense if you wish to start your journey into iOS on a budget.

If you are a power user and prefer to work very fast on your mobile device, then you will lead into some frustrations here with the iPhone 6 in 2018. But if you are someone who is not extremely tech savvy and just needs an iPhone because of a few specific apps, then you may want to look at some certified pre-owned iPhone 6 deals. These refurbished handsets usually have new batteries installed.


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