Using an Xbox One in 2018

Having been released late in 2013, Microsoft’s latest generation Xbox console is going to be 5 years old this year. And the truth is, it has never been a better time than now to own one. The console has evolved ever so gracefully over the last few years into the advanced gaming utopia it is today. Read on to find out what it is like to own an Xbox One in 2018.

In this article, I will also share with you my feelings towards owning the Xbox One in 2018. As well as the history of the console. A history that includes a shaky start and an inspiring decision to push through against all odds and turn things around.

A brief history of the Xbox One is to follow. You can scroll straight down to ‘Using an Xbox One in 2018’ for my latest update on the console.

The Xbox One Back in 2013

The Xbox One, along with the PS4 was released around November 2013. Part of the major hype that built up towards the release of these consoles can be attributed to the success of their predecessors. Microsofts Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3 had revolutionised and changed the game completely. These consoles had dominated the gaming scene since their inception in 2006 right up until the end which was 2013. So that’s 7 years of consistent headline-making and continuous success.

All those years of success that the Xbox 360 enjoyed were attributed to a few important factors. Factors such as exclusive games and great hardware. PlayStation consoles have always been great due to the availability of exclusive games on their platform. The Xbox 360 followed a similar formula by introducing some of their own titles that would turn into huge gaming franchises. Games such as Gears of War, Halo, and Forza Motorsport. The Xbox 360 controller deviated from the familiar format of the PS3 controller. But it was a widely accepted format that most gamers liked.

Not the Console We Wanted

So the Xbox One that we expected in 2013 was going to be a slim, reasonably priced, powerful console full of exclusive games and a Blu Ray player (at last). But instead, we got a console that was twice the size of the PS4. Microsoft was ready to release the Xbox One without an optical drive. This meant that you would not purchase games physically, but online. Consumers were upset with this and Microsoft had to quickly rework their strategy and make their games available on both digital and physical.

When the Xbox was released it was also more expensive than the PS4 and came bundled with Kennect. These issues drove longtime Xbox fans towards PlayStation. Microsoft had clearly failed here. In the hopes of monopolising the console gaming industry, Microsoft instead drove themselves into a corner by losing focus on what exactly their gamer clients wanted. And that is the Xbox One in 2018.

Using an Xbox One in 2018

Ok, I have done enough complaining now on the Xbox One. Being a Playstation fanboy since the PS1, it was a very difficult leap for me to take towards an Xbox One. I remember that when I initially was interested in either a PS4 or Xbox One, I didn’t like the Xbox because of its looks, no Blu Ray, and lack of great game titles. But, I came across a deal of a lifetime that included the console with Fifa 17 and an extra controller.

After quick and careful consideration, I purchased the Xbox along with Forza Horizon 3 and Lego Jurassic World. This was a decision that I can easily consider to be one of the best decisions of my life! The console is lovely and navigates the menus in a beautiful and snappy manner. I have absolutely no issues with playing any of my games on the Xbox One (I actually have the original version).

The Best Controller

Xbox One Controller Blue
Ergonomic Wonder

That Controller is absolutely amazing. I don’t know how Microsoft managed to keep it so light even with batteries inside. Its insanely ergonomic and way better experience than a Playstation controller. I still don’t understand why would a modern gaming controller need AA batteries, but you quickly do overlook this and instead marvel at the design. Xbox One controllers literally come in almost any colour you can imagine. You can even go online an customise your own controller to your exact liking.

The Microsoft user interface is new to me but seems very slick an intuitive. There’s a cool feature called Mixer that’s built into the system. Mixer is a gameplay streaming service. You can record an upload your gameplay here seamlessly. There is a decent selection of apps such as Soundcloud and Netflix. The first time I played Forza while playing music from SoundCloud in the background was a complete mind blowing experience. I was in my happy place, no need for anything else, just my Xbox One.

I recently wrote a post called ‘Xbox One Controller Deals On Amazon‘. An update to this post to follow soon.

Windows Integration, Consoles, and Exclusive Titles

There also seamless integration into Windows. I like this, I like just being able to use my Windows login to use my Xbox One in 2018. You can actually mirror your gameplay from the console onto any supported Windows PC with the Xbox app. That amazing Controller will effortlessly sync to your Windows PC. With Xbox Play Anywhere titles, you can buy a game on your Xbox One store and it will be available in your Windows library. I haven’t tried this out yet, but I plan to do so soon.

At the time of writing this, 3 different Xbox One consoles are currently on offer. The original Xbox One, The Xbox One S and the Xbox One X. 3 incredible consoles that actually have different things to offer. I will go more into these consoles in another post soon.

I have never since regretted my decision to buy the Xbox One.

As far as exclusive titles go, Xbox still isn’t on par with PlayStation. But they do have some seriously worthy competition. Forza Motorsport Horizon is amongst the best racing games you will ever experience. It has endless game time on it and various expansions. You can buy just the console and this game and you will be sorted. The epic Gears of War franchise returns with Gears of War 4. Player Unknown Battle Grounds is also coming to the Xbox One soon and Cuphead and other Indie titles are available now.

I actually bought Gears of War 4 and it came with 4 download codes for the first 4 Gears of War games! My initial response was this can’t be right because the first 4 games are Xbox 360 exclusives. But the Xbox One is backwards compatible! So you can enjoy a whole range of older Xbox 360 titles on your Xbox One in 2018.

Return to True Xbox Form

So Microsoft has actually managed to turn things around from the Xbox One’s shaky start back in 2013. They ditched the Kinect and reduced the price of their consoles and focused on improving the Xbox One console and gaming titles. Here are some of the other pros that make getting an Xbox One in 2018 a great decision:-

  • Reasonably priced entry-level consoles when compared to PS4 and Switch
  • Blu Ray player
  • Magnificent controller
  • Amazing UI
  • Superb Windows integration
  • Exclusive games on the rise and many new titles expected in 2018

My only real gripe is that you need an Xbox Live account in order to play online. Most free games like Roblox, won’t work without a Live account. You Cannot buy GTA V or Fifa 18 and play online without a Live account. Having a live account can be an advantage with all the free games you get to download. But the games are not available if your subscription expires. I don’t feel it is necessary to get an Xbox live account, but it is a must if you are a die-hard gamer. It is like Netflix for gamers. I would have like to see more freemium games like Asphalt Airborne and other Windows games available on the Xbox One.

Xbox One Controller with Silicone Grip
Picked up a White controller and Silicon Skin really cheap

Should you get an Xbox One in 2018?

I have never since regretted my decision to buy the Xbox One. Being a Playstation fanboy, I actually don’t even miss those franchises like Gran Turismo, God of War, and Uncharted. I am more than pleased with being with Microsoft. I also love the controller and how it seamlessly integrates with a windows PC. When I am done upgrading my laptop, I will definitely give that controller another try on PC.

The Xbox One is in its peak form at the moment. If you are interested in one, you should go for it right away. If you cant decide on whether to choose between a Playstation or Xbox, then maybe have a look at the game library of both consoles before you choose. You may find more exclusives on the PS4 that you may like. But remember the Xbox One in 2018 has backwards compatibility to its treasure trove of Xbox 360 titles. I still play older Gears of War games and other Xbox 360 indie games on my Xbox One.

5 Reasons to Buy an Xbox One

My man Austen Evans goes through all of the Pros behind owning an Xbox One in 2018. The console really has evolved into the beautiful gaming machine it is today. A big part of that beauty is attributed to its price which is lower than its PlayStation and Nintendo rivals. Please give the video a like and subscribe to Austen’s channel for more news on gaming and tech.

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