Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 9 – Farewell Carl Grimes

This week saw the continuation of the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 9. Episode 8 ended off a terrible note. Carl, the son of the lead character of Walking Dead, revealed that he was bitten by a walker. Carl has been in the show from the first season and finally sees an untimed exit from the series in Episode 9.

As you can expect, it was a very endearing and emotional episode. An episode where both the characters and the viewers had to witness the passing away of one of the main characters of the show. This passing is totally unexpected because Carl still lives on in the comics on which the Walking Dead series is based on. Carl actually survives the war between Rick and Negan. I great episode none the less, that had some other shocking and twisted elements as well.

Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 9

The episode begins with an insight into how and when Carl got bit. The actual moment was terrifying and sad. But Carl is a fighter and he managed to move on. He carries on his normal life and daily routine as if nothing ever happened. He even goes out of his way to hide Siddique, the man partly responsible for Carl’s downfall.

The other arc that continued in this episode involved Morgan and Carol. They were both in the middle of rescuing the people of the Kingdom. They also go out on a mission to rescue Ezekiel who is being held captive by a group of Survivors. This may seem like an impossible task for two ordinary people. But has history suggests, both Carol and Morgan are the two Terminators of the Show. They both can single-handedly take out armies of humans.

We finally understand those dream-like sequences with an old Rick living in a perfect world. These sequences existed for a good few episodes and it always seemed like it was Rick’s dream. But we find out that it is Carl’s ideal situation in life and what he would want the world to be like. The future that Carl dreamt also includes Negan.

The Difference in Comic Continuity

Carl still exists in the comics. He is still central to the story as well as being the future of the Walking Dead comic. The comic implies that Rick is no longer the main character and that Carl takes over to lead. But in reality and in the Walking Dead TV show, such a story is difficult to continue.

It may be more bankable to continue with Rick as the main character than to go with a younger child actor. This is probably the reason why they switch the roles around on the TV show.

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