What are Single Din Head Units?

Single din head units are car stereos/radios that can be purchased and installed into your car. They are usually installed into the dash of your vehicle. The dimensions for a single din radio are around 180 x 50 mm. There are double din units available as well with a dimension of 180 x 100 mm. But single dins are preferred because of their compact size and affordability. A modern day single din unit can play CD’s and USB’s and support multiple formats like WAV, MP3, and FLAC files. Many of them also come with Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity.

Why Install a Single Din Radio

Most cars do come with a factory installed radio. But these radios may not have the same features as aftermarket single din radios. Or the radio is old and doesn’t work and is in need of a serious upgrade. Most single din radios come with an anti-theft feature that allows you to remove the face of the radio. Single din radios have also evolved a lot since the days of just playing the radio and CDs. You can now connect your smartphone to the radio and enjoy features from certain apps that are installed on your phone. Bluetooth Connectivity is another great feature on some models which will assist you in making hands-free calls while you drive.

Are There Other Variations Available

As mentioned earlier, a double din or 2 din variation is a head unit that is 180 x 100 mm in dimension. A double din unit can be installed in any vehicle, depending on the space left in the dash below or above the factory installed unit. If your vehicle did come with a double din unit, it is still possible to remove and install a single din unit. You will most likely need a storage compartment around the same dimesion to place below (or above) the single din head unit. It is also possible to modify further and place other accessories in the available space.

Having worked at car dealerships, many cars before came with mediocore factory standard single din head units. In some cases, the client usually replaced those units with double din units. This left the dealership with a spare factory single din head units and a storage compartment.

Some Single Din Head Units That I Have Reviewed


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