Whats Inside An Apple HomePod?

We know whats inside an Apple HomePod now already. We have seen the diagrams and pictures displaying the Subwoofer along with 7 tweeters and 6 mics. There’s also an A8 chip under the display at the top. But, what we haven’t seen is these actual components in real life. What if I told you that I came across some guys who actually took apart an Apple HomePod just so they can take a look at its internals? Scroll down to find out…

Whats Inside An Apple HomePod?

The Guys over at Whats Inside are actually giving away a HomePod. You can go to the video on YouTube to enter. I really enjoyed this video and if you do too then please hit the like button and subscribe to Whats Inside YouTube channel. You can also follow them on social networks here:-

As you can see, the Apple HomePod is very well put together. It isn’t easy taking it apart. Underneath the mesh is a ‘sock’ type of material that actually covers the HomePod’s plastic shell. The bulk of the weight seems to come from the top half of the device. This is where the Subwoofer is located.

The speakers and microphones are expertly concealed at the bottom. They cannot be seen, even after tearing down the HomePod in half. Apple has accomplished something great here in terms of build quality and engineering. The HomePod is let down by its software features. It is restricted to the Apple ecosystem. Because of this, most people will not be able to experience this device.

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