Xbox One Controller Deals On Amazon

On a mission to find the best Xbox One Controller Deals on Amazon, I have come across some cool and some really wierd controllers that are worth a look. Microsoft’s Xbox One console has seen alot of recent success. This is due to factors such as price drops and updated consoles.

I have the original Xbox One and I am currently loving every minute spent kicking ass in Batman: Arkham Knight and burning rubber in Forza Motorsport Horizon 3. Being a lifelong Playstation owner, the transition over to an Xbox was difficult. I had to ditch some very important franchises such as Uncharted and God of War. The good news is that I now play Gears of War and Forza on a platform that has superbly evolved into what it is today.

Xbox One Controller Deals On Amazon

A big part of the evolution of Xbox is that sweet ass controller. It is so good, so near perfect, it is actually one of the reasons to switch over to Xbox. It may not be perfect, I mean why do we still need AA batterys for such a modern day device! But its ergonomic and design is what makes this controller so legendary. Another great legendary trait of this controller is its absolute customisations available. You can get these controllers in almost any sort of color or texture.

Below is a list of some funky, cool, and wierd controllers that I have come across on Amazon…

Back To White

Xbox Controller White
Microsoft Classic White

The simple and elegant White Xbox controller is still a favorite among fans. It is reminicent of the original white controllers seen on the Xbox 360 console. That 360 controller was also amazing to play with and having a controller in full white opens up alot of good old memories that where made on that 360 console. It also doesnt hurt to play backwards compatible Xbox 360 games with your white controller.

Minecraft Pig

Xbox Controller Minecraft Pig
Microsoft Minecraft Piggie Pink

Minecraft has taken the world by storm. Minecraft has now also taken over your Xbox One. Now you can enjoy crafting and building and digging in style with your Mincraft Pig Controller! The controller has support for bluetooth which makes it possible to use when playing games on your windows 10 pc or tablet. so no need to own a console, you can get gaming with this on the PC that you have right now!

More of My Favorite Xbox One Controller Deals on Amazon

The Xbox One Elite Controller. The most advanced controller that you can get for your Xbox

The Xbox One Wired Controller. Taking it back to the old school with the budget friendly Xbox One classic wired controller in white.

Xbox Wireless Controller – Winter Forces Special Edition. Elegant, yet hardcore Xbox One urban camo controller.

Which Xbox controller is your favorite? Let us know in the comments…

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