X-Men Apocalypse Review

X-Men Apocalypse

An ancient threat has resurfaced in the 80’s in the form of a Mutant – En Sabah Nur (better known as Apocalypse). He recruits 4 powerful mutants (the 4 horsemen) to aid him in his quest to destroy all humans and rebuild a new world for all mutant kind.

It is now up to Charles Xavier and his X-Men to save the world by defeating Apocalypse and his 4 horsemen.

I had the pleasure of watching yet another Superhero movie, X-Men Apocalypse. This is the 4th Major Comic Book movie I have seen so far this year. No, I’m not being sarcastic and I’m not complaining. I’m just loving the fact that the world has gone Superhero crazy. That being said I didn’t expect this movie to be better or as good as Civil War or Deadpool. It has however exceeded my expectations and I think its a really good movie.

  • James McAvoy
  • Michael Fassbender
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Nicholas Hoult
  • Oscar Isaac

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Some Background Stuff

I have always liked these mutant comic book characters called The X-Men. Most notably the stories from the live action movie series. This movie is the 3rd movie of the second series of Xmen movies (no. 6 if you don’t count the wolverine movies). The First 2 movies are X-Men First Class (2011) and X-Men Days of Future Past (2014).

Xmen Apocalypse Heros

First Class is an origin story Directed by Matthew Vaughn (who has worked on movies like Kick-Ass and Kingsman The Secret Sevice). Based in the 60’s, First Class is the story of how Charles Xavier rounds up a group of mutants to form The X-Men. They take on a serious threat in the form of Sebastian Shaw. Shaw has his own group of mutants who plan on starting a global war (Cuban Missile Crisis). This Movie was well received by fans and critics and was a financial success. The story was simple and served as a good start to a new franchise.

Days of Future Past

The Sequel, Days of Future Past, was an epic time travel movie set in the 70’s with scenes also in a Post Apocalyptic future. The movie has a complex storyline which unites the new characters from First Class with their older counterparts from the previous X-Men movies. Wolverine Serves as a link from the future to the past. His mission is to deliver a message to Charles Xavier during a crucial moment in history hoping that Charles will assist him in avoiding the incident that would cause the future to be an apocalyptic wasteland.

The Movie also sees the return of Director Bryan Singer who also directed the first 2 movies from the Original X-Men Trilogy. Bryan does an extraordinary job keeping things together in a project and story of this magnitude. He also introduces a new timeline which now gives him space to create new stories that will not interfere with the Continuity of the past X-Men Franchises. That being said the movie did have continuity issues which raised many questions from fans. Luckily X-Men Apocalypse doesn’t suffer from that problem.

2 Minute Review – Contains Minor Spoilers

The opening sequence of this movie is breathtakingly intense, a perfect origin story for a “just as intense” Villian. The Rebirth of Apocalypse takes place in Ancient Egypt. It eventually doesn’t turn out good for him after the ritual was sabotaged. This leaves Apocalypse’s body buried deep beneath the Pyramid’s. A lot of Top Class CGI here and slick visuals, but it does seem overwhelming and overdone.

The movie cuts trough to the origin stories of the New X-Men characters. The most notable being Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Magneto. Magneto gets his 2nd origin story here in a somewhat even Nastier and Darker way than the first movie.

The 2nd Act didn’t seem as Brilliant as the First. Both sides were just “Getting the Band Together”. I liked Apocalypse’s band better here! After finding out about Magneto’s Horrific ordeal, Charles tries to get in touch with him. In doing so Charles finds out that Magneto has already been recruited by Apocalypse as 1 of his 4 Horsemen.

Quicksilver is Awesome!

The pace of the movie really slows down to glacial speed, until the arrival of Quicksilver. The movie ironically literally slows down visually here to show off Quicksilvers speed. The Quicksilver scene in this movie is just as brilliant as the previous movie to the extent that it seems that he has once again stolen the show in this movie. This time, we see him Navigating through an explosion rescuing people.

Xmen Apocalypse Quicksilver Gif

The Final Act is an intense and visually stunning climax to an aesthetically beautiful movie. I really don’t want to give away too much but the scene in which Archangel and Psylocke are attacking the X-Men while they are still inside their plane is Breathtaking. There are well executed Gratuitous Violence and Plot twists at the end of the movie and a well deserved sweet ending.

Should you watch this?

Xmen Apocalypse Villans

Overall this is an excellent movie. Some of the characters do feel wasted, like Jubilee (Being a Jubilee fan I was hoping on seeing more of her). But that being said you can expect this in a movie with so man characters. The story was the usual 5-hour story crammed into 2 hours, but it all seemed to work very well at the end.

Xmen: Apocalypse has been criticized for being somewhat “unoriginal” which to an extent is true. Not much of this movie hasn’t already been done in previous Superhero Movies. But the Visuals and the Characters are a delight to watch.

The other criticism is the over usage of CGI in the movie. Based on the characters and their abilities it would be very difficult to achieve anything with minimal amounts of CGI. The effects although overdone also give the movie its unique and special look.

This movie feels like Bryan Singer listened to his fans and is now giving them what they would expect out of an X-Men movie (except for Jubilee!). He kept very close to the source material and didn’t mess around too much with the continuity like he did in the last movie.

Fan or no Fan of Superhero movies, I advise that you watch this movie for its stunning visuals and action sequences and simple plot.


X-Men Apocalypse Review
  • 8/10
    X-Men Apocalypse - 8/10


I don’t think this is the best movie I have seen so far this year. It is, however appealing to all types of moviegoers. It’s beautifully made and visually satisfying on all levels with a simple story (not as complicated as the previous X-Men Movie). This Movie is not just for fans of the Genre.

Badass Badguy
Introducing Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler

Jubilee (wasted addition)
Effects felt weird at times

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